How did I miss this?

Shame on me for not reading my YouTube email account more often. A fan made this awesome video shortly after I began the campaign for the Bible Stories Indigogo pre-sale, and I've just now discovered it. Now, I don't know if I like it simply because I'm in it, but does that really matter? Thanks for the shout out, dazzletag, and my apologies for not posting this up sooner! ...

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Lamest Anti-Gay ad ever

It's getting increasingly difficult to find arguments against marriage equality, and as religious groups get more and more desperate, they continue to try to swing everyone's opinion back to their homophobic camp. The latest in this disaster porn is a group called Faith2Action, a typical 'family values' group that tries to hide their bigotry under the guise of their religion. They have a ton of videos about ...

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TGA Podcast: Episode 314

This week, my guest is activist AJ Johnson, who has started a new business called "Be Secular". She joins me as we talk of transitioning from activism to business, and why the new generation of unbelievers need to pick up where we left off. Don't miss this one! For those of you wanting to visit her site, here are the links: Main site: Twitter: Facebook ...

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