TGA Podcast: Episode 311

TGA Podcast: Episode 311

This week, part 2 of our “History of Scientology” podcast. Ryan joins me as we talk about Miscaviage’s weird obsessions, Cardinal Cruise and his helm of Charisma, and why Indiana Jones is a murderer.

- 62 of 157 reported zero book sales
- Website by Mike Rinder criticizing the pyramid scheme of Orgs
- Scientology members leaving because of pressure of over-regging (over taxing)
- The incredible amount of waste that results in poor renovation, use of unskilled labor, and unpaid contractors
- The perfect synergy of Cruise as a pitchman for a Hollywood cult of celebrity
- Tom Cruise was thirsty for religious experience. Energetic, and exuberant to the point of naiveté, Miscaviage enjoys the cool factor Cruise gives him, but also enjoys the humiliating details of the actor’s sex life, something he uses to feel superior
- Miscaviage is not particularly educated, and seems to react violently to criticism. He may believe that the Org program is working, even though they are taxing their members to the breaking point, holding 8 hour fundraising sessions, several times a year to pay for renovations

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