Another stupid Ark being built, this time in Texas

Another stupid Ark being built, this time in Texas

They say everything is bigger in Texas: this probably also applies to the insanity of the populace there. How else can you explain this church deciding to build their own version of Noah’s Ark at the cost of a cool 5 million bucks?

You might recall that there’s a similar project out of Florida that’s been trying to get funding from Kickstarter. After almost a month, they’ve managed to snag an impressive $520 through 21 backers, which means to accomplish their financial goals, they only need to make about $37,000 a day for the next 40 days. Looks like someone could sure use a miracle!

The obvious popularity of such a project notwithstanding, the Cornerstone Church in San Antonio – the group responsible for this monument to ignorance – is inviting the public to see just how gullible human beings can be. For those parishoners who perhaps felt like their hard-earned money could have been spent doing something useful, here’s a soundbite that’s sure to ease their fears:

If casinos can build opulent buildings to incentivize gamblers to want to come and enjoy their weekend, how then can you justify not building something that would incentivize people to come and hear about the Word of God?” Hagee said. “I don’t have any problem with somebody saying it’s over the top.”

He’s right: there’s nothing I love more than watching ridiculous human beings waste their money on expensive, useless religious propaganda. Who are they trying to impress with this monstrosity anways? Other Christians who already buy into this bullshit? Certainly it isn’t anyone with half a brain, or with a working knowledge of biological science.

Here’s hoping that the cost of running this thing becomes a boondoggle that ends up bankrupting their dumb asses.

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    With fool’s errands like this, they are looking to do 2 things:

    1) To reaffirm their BS
    2) To put on such a display in the hopes that non-Christians will notice, be impressed, and want to take a look.

    Believe it or not there is a striking number of people out there who are not Christian/religious, but that are impressed by things like this, using thin logic like “Well there must really be something positive about their beliefs if they are willing to go to such lengths.” It’s a really frustrating thing because it’s an obvious sign of the level of deference the majority receives without anyone even wanting to question it.

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