Rated “O” for Offensive as hell

Rated “O” for Offensive as hell

What do you get when you combine shitty inspirational synth music with a bigoted, ignorant Christian teenage girl? You get the ironically titled “Rated T for Tolerance”, a strange Orwellian name that belies their own contorted views of reality.

Now some of you might think that this video falls under “Poe’s Law”, but as I’ve said in the past, when it’s impossible to tell the difference, what does it matter? She’s representing the views of millions of assholes, so as far as I’m concerned, she’s in their ranks.

(thanks Jessica for the link)

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    Another example of the poison of social stupidity passed as wisdom using the vehicle of religion.

    Surely this girl has gotten plenty of Christian fist bumps, side hugs, and Facebook likes for her 2nd grade-level rap. The anti-LGBTQ crowd seems to have fetishized the “gay men have more AIDS” thing. I couldn’t even count how many times I’ve heard that one this week. Even more so than their taking up of attacks on the word “tolerance”, which is kryptonite to them, and a word they seem to enjoy purposely misunderstanding (probably because doing so allows them to play the victim card). Problem is, even if the point about AIDS is true, it has everything to do with having unprotected sex, not with being LGBTQ. Doubters need only look to Africa to verify my point.

    The verse used at the end is somewhat interesting, though. If you parse some of the anti-LGBTQ hate rhetoric, you get this sense that they equate being LGBTQ with felonious or near-felonious acts (and certainly bad enough to warrant near immediate banishment to hell by their god). That being LGBTQ isn’t an identity, but a chosen, intentional perversion of the social order that is merely intended to disrupt everyone else’s lives for the sake of being shocking and anti-establishment.

    Apparently, ignorance still has a beguiling effect on conservatives, enough so that they feel increasingly willing to put their face on this brand of hate.

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