Mommy and Daddy broke up, kids

In case you haven’t had the chance to listen to Episode 306 of the podcast, Carisa and I are no longer a romantic couple. I’ve moved back to the east coast, and despite us both being sad at this recent development, it was a mutual decision. Obviously, this has some pretty serious consequences for me, and the podcast in the future. To make up for the expense of moving again, I’ll probably need to find a part-time job for a few weeks to get back in the black.

The good news is Carisa will still be a guest host on the show, and as far as most of you are concerned, the only difference you will notice is less frequency for podcasts, and less blog posts or Facebook fan page updates. I’ll still be working furiously to finish the book and DVD, which I’m sure you’re all still ridiculously excited about.

In the meantime, I’ve also launched an ambitious new project tentatively called “The 300”. Basically I determined that I need 300 hard-cores in order to be 100% solvent, and this realization made me want to limit the size of the group to this number, and to invite hard-cores to help me build an organization which can do more than any one man can. You can already catch a few details by listening to episode 306, or visiting which will be updated fairly regularly once I’m settled into my new place next week.

I’ll also be able to record a few podcasts with Ryan here in Ottawa, which means no Skype or other technology to take the fun out of hanging out, so these upcoming shows should be really good. Thank you to all existing “300” who helped donate a little more this month. Your contribution helped, and made me feel far less alone.

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