The banana is back, this time to offend gay people.

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Not sure if you’ll be able to stomach the whole thing, so I’ll give you the gist of this man’s argument (and I’ll let you decide what he’s secretly obsessed about)

1. The anus is exit only
2. Women use gadgets like bananas and other produce to simulate the male penis

You should just watch this guy doing the pumping motion when talking about lesbian sex. Sure sounds to me like he’s been doing all of his research on Pornhub or something. It never occurred to him that lesbian sex can be just as dull as straight sex. It also seems a bit too obvious just how sex obsessed this guy really is. His entire argument (if you can call it that) is really just a moralistic attitude towards sex. Even if the women of Uganda were having a serious freak-on for bananas, how is that anyone else’s business? Only the puritanical tyranny of religion could demand individuals conform to their vision of healthy sex. Judging by the countless cases of sexual and mental abuse at the hands of the clergy, I would guess they don’t have a god-damn clue what a healthy sex life is supposed to be.

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