Please take your medication, buddy.

There are a few articles on TGA that invariably attract the kinds of crazy comments that have to be read to be believed. Sometimes you have to spend some time trying to decipher through their insanity, and attempt to understand exactly what these deranged individuals are trying to communicate. This recent comment seems especially difficult to make out (which I haven’t altered in any way):

Clearly The Science Has Become A Religion On Its On And Facts Is Its Bible.
Science Spends Alot Of Time Trying To Prove The Bible Wrong Instead Of Trying To Prove It Right.
The Bible Is A History Book And We Cant Rewrite History. We Cant Add Something New To It.
Its Like We All Try To Find Something To Dissagree About.
Why Cant We Find A Common Balance. Stop Placing Ourselves In Groups, They Tear Us Apart.
Find A Constant, Something We Can All Agree On. Cause I Think Thats What This Movie Is Actually About.
Even Atheists Have Their Beliefs,
They Believe Something Caused All This And That May Not Be God But That Cause Is The Constant That We Seek.
Hence We Should Build From That Not Completely Tear Down.
Cause As Christians That Doesnt Make Us Very Good In God’s Eyes When We Destroy And As Scientists We Live To Better The World But What Good Is It To Kill The Hope Thats Governing Your Friends Life, Maybe Even Keeping Them Alive.
We Are Only As Strong As Our Weakest Link.
We Should Looking For A Bond Not A Broken Bridge…!!i!

So, the Bible is history, and every scientist’s job is to try and prove the Bible is right. Well, that’s easy: all you need to do is ignore everything we know about biology, paleontology, geology, genetics, astronomy, astrophysics, physics, and just about every other scientific discipline that’s decimated the ludicrous claims of the Bible. I’ll bet getting a degree in pseudoscience is real easy and cheap!

As for the accusation that it’s better to believe in a comforting lie than the hard truth (something I’ve heard endlessly), I’d like to point out that human beings are resilient creatures, and we can come to accept the truth no matter how tough it is. In fact, doing so builds fucking character. It’s the people who believe in what’s comforting who lack courage, and if someone is so weak as to be holding onto life only through religion, then I would venture to guess this sheltered individual is fragile precisely because they have never learned to face the truth.

Besides, reality isn’t all that bad. It’s composed of billions of galaxies, each with billions of stars. It’s filled with black holes and quasars, planets and asteroids; so much to discover that one could get lost for eternity trying to find all the answers to the mysteries of life. All you can offer is a tired old tale of a dead Jew and his entourage. Boring!

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