Who needs a lab when you have a green screen?

You know what’s great about being an ‘Intelligent Design’ scientist? You get to save all of the money you would normally be spending on electron microscopes, computers, DNA sequencing machines or a host of other expensive equipment. Why bother to invest in technology when your premise is the world of make-believe is more real than the physical one? The only ‘equipment’ you need is a lab coat, a Bible, and a green screen to allow your ‘scientists’ to appear credible when being interviewed by other creationists Intelligent Design advocates.

Of course, if you are going to try the whole ‘credibility’ angle, there is a slight chance that the Internet will totally call you up on your ridiculous bullshit. So when the Discovery Institute (an organization whose only discovery is how gullible Americans are) was filming a segment for their ongoing series of ludicrous videos denying gravity evolution, they thought it would be a good idea to have their ‘scientist’ sitting in lab. The only problem being the Discovery institute doesn’t have any such facility. Instead, they opted to green screen that shit with an image they found at Shutterstock. Not exactly their most brilliant move (but pretty close).

And now, let us all sit back and watch as the Interwebs rips them a new anus.

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    Thanks for posting this. Wow, what a sloppy way of describing convergent evolution. Sorry the lineage trees work. Certain characteristics work and will evolve independently form each other. All that it shows is REAL science is needed and not just a passing glance to see decent.

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    Isn’t it possible to sue them? I mean they used a pretty elaborate(yet sloppy) implicit lie in an effort to deceive the public. This is a form of misrepresentation.

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