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So, this is obviously meant to appeal to hard-core fans who would kill for the chance to have a limited edition Good Atheist mug. It will be given randomly to anyone who asks a question for The Essentials DVD mailbag. You’re allowed to ask anything you want, so don’t be shy. Trust me, this mug is awesome and you want to try and win this thing. So ask away, folks!

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    Steve Schuler

    Hi – I’ve got a few questions for you to choose from! 🙂

    -Do you prefer the label of “atheist” or “antitheist”?

    -Do you have any plans to update your cartoon logo face as you age?
    -Have you ever actually smoked a pipe?

    -How much of the low turnout at your Reason Rally meetup do you think you can attribute to not getting the word out loudly or early enough? (I for one, was about 3 weeks behind in my podcast backlog at that time, so I didn’t hear that you’d be there until a few days *after* I got back. 🙁 )

    -What movies can you recommend (atheist or in general)?

    -Have you ever had any issues in the “real world” with telling people what you do for a living? I would imagine you might occasionally come across a car salesman who is suddenly less eager to give you a break on the undercoating when he hears you “work for satan.” 😉 Even getting a good apartment, or chit-chatting with a nice old lady in a waiting room could get awkward when she hears you’re actively working to spread the godless message. Most of us can avoid the topic to avoid delicate social situations, but when it’s your JOB, I would think it’s a bit harder to avoid.

    -Have you ever tried fire eating, or any of the other crazy stuff your wife does professionally? Is any of it easy for a novice to pick up?

    -Do you feel like you could do the talk circuit, aka Matt Dilahunty, et al?

    -Are the any interesting behind-the-scenes stories you can tell about contacting/getting guests to interview? Anything funny end up on the cutting room floor?

    Keep up the great work,

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    Cameron White

    Hi Jacob, New fan of the podcast.

    Would really like to hear your take on a campaign against a law which hinders free speech in the UK. Would be great to get your take as it has it certainly has some comedic potential but there is a really good speech as well by Rowan Atkinson as well which for me really rings true in a wider context especially in terms of freedom of expression on the internet. (plus I am a big Black Adder fan) Hoping the UK ditch this section of the law and provide an example to countries elsewhere.

    Here is a link of his speech on you tube:

    Also like your point on the amount of taxes the mega churches must be getting away not paying in these hard times. Wouldn’t it be perfect to see a campaign showing even an conservative estimate of the amount of tax the US government are missing out on from these Churches (business operations) just while all the media coverage peeks with the Fiscal Cliff negotiations.

    Some atheist/secular organisation must be doing that right, maybe Sean Fairclough? (there’s a question in the end! )

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    I know that you were a big fan of Christopher Hitchens. It’s now been about a year since Hitchens died, so who is now the person you most look up to in the atheism scene?

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    Jerry R Howell

    My question for you is what do athiests when they lost everything because if their lack of belief?

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    Steve Schuler

    One more question: What’s the back story on that intro/outro music? Any chance of changing it as your focus broadens from just atheism?

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    My questions are:

    What advice can you give to someone wanting to start their own atheism blog?

    Do you think there is a way that teachers can make the way sciences is taught in schools more interesting?

    Have you ever heard of/listened to the irreligiousophy podcast? Would you ever do a joint podcast with them? I think your styles are so similar it could really be hilarious.

    Thanks for many an hilarious heresy over the years!

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    Ok, Its been a while since I contacted you guys so first I wanted to say how thankful I am for the time, sweat and effort you have put in here. I continue to listen and continue to love. My question:

    If you really could sit down with someones god and interview them on there side of the story who would it be? Which god myth have you actually heard where you had a moment when you thought, this one sounds like a good character. Maybe it would not be so bad if they had created the world and the universe. What would you ask that god? And, now that you have had the interview with them, what would you miss most from your godless life?

    Again thanks for what you do, thanks to Ryan for his continued efforts and willingness to deal with skype and good luck to you both on all your ventures.

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    Here’s my question:

    It is a common thing that religion shapes the culture of certain ethic communities, and in turn leads to conflict. I’ll just throw examples of Israel/Palestine(Judaism and Islam) and the former republic of Yugoslavia( Orthodox Christianity, Catholic Christianity and Islam).

    In these cases, it is not just religion itself, but the ethnic identity forged through religion, tradition and historic events.

    How do you see humanity crossing this bridge? I mean the complications are that certain political forces (powers that be) will favor one culture over the other rather that apply strictly logical and impartial instruments of foreign policy and international relations.

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    Hi! love your blog. A question, given the parlous state of the American economy, the debt, the defecit etc, why don’t the “nones” pool the pennies and organize to start a campaign aimed at getting the churches to pay some bloody tax. I’ve read at various places that churches et al avoid paying 71 Billion dollars a year due to exemptions. Getting the secular/non-believer communities together with a single objective to focus on, could achieve great things, for society and the economy. It would take huge resourses and a long time but like now, every religious cleric is now being suspected of being a kiddie fiddler, it could be achieved. Bit by bit by bit…

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