TGA Podcast: Episode 300

TGA Podcast: Episode 300

This is it folks! The 300th Episode of The Good Atheist Podcast. Ryan joins me as we reminisce about the long history of both our websites, and give you a tour through time. Now, if you’re confused as to why the last episode was 199 1/2, be sure to listen and your questions will be answered.

For those of you who want to leave a question in the comments for the DVD, please do so, and you could win a TGA cup!

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    Rodrigo Munoz

    I love Dragonlance! Hahaha! Thanks for the wonderful podcast. I can’t get enough of it and I am looking forward to the Bible Stories book.

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    Paco Puente

    And I thought I was the ony one who finds novels boring, good to know I’m not alone (well, I read quite a lot of comic books…)

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    As you were talking about donating a kindle I looked over at my old kindle and just thought drat if this wasn’t having the same ‘not turning on’ issue that yours had I would totally donate it.

    I have a question, What exactly what is the history of Yahweh? Its mentioned in the bible right? So at what point exactly does the separation happen from original, to known, to completely abandoned?

    Probably off topic but was just thinking about it recently

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