Bill O’Reilly calls David Silverman a Fascist

You have to admire American Atheist president David Silverman for trying to confront the beast that is Bill O’Reilly on his own show. It’s a bit like trying to take on Grendel’s mother in her own cave: unless you’ve got the strength of Beowulf, you’re probably going to get chewed up.

The problem with appearing on Bill’s show is that his interview style goes a little something like this:

“Shut up and say exactly what the fuck I want you to say, or I’ll cut your damn mike off”.

Here, Billy-boy tries a different tactic to try and defend Christian privilege: Christianity is a philosophy, he says, not a religion. What a relief! And here I thought praying to a dead guy, eating his supposed flesh every Sunday, and buying into unquestionable assumptions were religious hallmarks. Stupid me! Maybe we can finally start taxing these various ‘philosophy schools’ that are all over the place, right Billy-boy?

The biggest joke in all of this is Bill’s facade of ‘open mindedness’ towards atheists, which crumbles after less than a minute when he instantly goes for the Nazi card and accuses Silverman of being a Fascist. There isn’t a single moment in that monologue of his where Bill even registers a thing David said. It’s why having a discussion is pointless: better to do what Bill does on his show: repeat the same talking points and wait for him to cut off your mike like a big baby. Did you know there are people who watch the show just waiting for those delicious moments?

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    Carolyn Ward

    Christianity noun,
    1. the Christian religion, including the Catholic, Protestant, and Eastern Orthodox churches.
    2. Christian beliefs or practices; Christian quality or character: Christianity mixed with pagan elements; the Christianity of Augustine’s thought.
    3. a particular Christian religious system: She followed fundamentalist Christianity.
    4. the state of being a Christian.
    5. Christendom.

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