TGA Podcast: Episode 198

TGA Podcast: Episode 198

This week, my special guest is author, linguist, and podcaster Karen Stollznow. On the show, we discuss the dangers of faith healing and other dangerous pseudoscience, her upcoming books, and some of the more hilarious bunk beliefs. Come and get your fix, people.

Notes for the show:
- Tam Talk:
- Website:
- Monster Talk podcast:
- JREF Swift blog:
- Good Word (formerly The Naked Skeptic) column for CSI:
- Bad Language column for Skeptic magazine:
- Twitter Feed:@karenstollznow

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    Bryan Elliott

    Just wanted to note: in my half-paying-attention-while-I-code mindset, I heard “rumpology” as “Ron-Paulogy”. Once I worked out what you were actually saying, the mistake was hilarious to me.

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    Jacob Fortin

    I think i did say ron paulogy. Freudian slip there…

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