The Internet forgets nothing, and sometimes that sucks

I’m all for expressing one’s opinion (I wouldn’t be doing this web shit if I didn’t), but I feel it’s my duty to remind young people that the Internet never forgets, and it has a tendency to shame your ass whenever you say something stupid. Do you honestly think the opinions you express as a teenager will carry on to adulthood? I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m kind of glad the Internet and its amazing ability to remind you of how dumb you are wasn’t around when I was an ignorant (and arrogant) teen. I would probably have said something as cringe-worthy as this kid once upon a time:

Jesus Christ, atheists. The name you dread so much. Why? Because he took away your sin, he cleansed you…he exposed who you are, all of us; he exposed our sin… you don’t want to admit you’re a bad person, you just want to live the way you are and just die and move on. You don’t die or move on. You either die and go to Heaven or you die and go to hell. That’s the only choices you guys have.

This is part of why we ‘sinners’ think your religion is so vile: it tries to paint all human beings as essentially bad people who need to be fixed by praying to a dead Jewish guy. Compound that with the threat of eternal torture for everyone who refuses to conform to this baseless and ludicrous cosmogony, and you have a recipe for insanity.

“God will send you to Hell. That’s a fact”

Yeah, I don’t think you actually know what a fact means, kid. I don’t blame you, though. Judging by the gigantic flag in the background, I’m going to make an educated guess you’re living in a Red State, and the only atheist you’ve ever been exposed to is House (do people still watch that show anyways?). Your school probably has stickers in your biology textbook arguing that evolution is just a theory, as in “magic man done it“.

Now, either you remain as ignorant as you are now (which would be a tragedy), or you do realize how much of a dumb ass you are and eventually change your mind, only to have this video stand as a testament to your idiocy. Either way, my advice to young people is this: think carefully about what you say and record online, or you might end up becoming an Internet joke, like this idiot.

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