TGA Podcast: Episode 197

TGA Podcast: Episode 197

This week, I offer you guys a sneak peek at my upcoming “The Essentials DVD” by featuring an interview with yours truly. I talk about the early beginnings of The Good Atheist, my book, and my relationship with Carisa. It’s a must have for any true fan of the show! It’s even encoded in higher quality for your audio pleasure. Enjoy.

[Notes will be made available on the DVD at a later time]

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    d s

    I started writing my thoughts here, and by the time I got to paragraph seven, decided to condense and reword it all. What I had was too rambly and too … It seemed overly-flattering, I guess. Not that it was dishonest or anything, but just too much of the “Oh, you’re awesome. Let me count the ways.” crap.

    So allow me to start over.

    Jacob. I dig you, and I dig what you do. Listening to your interview made me realize that out of all the ‘New Atheists’ (yes, I’m including you), you’re the most relatable. You’re the most … I don’t know, “real”, I suppose. If I lived in Canada, I wouldn’t mind having you as a neighbor or friend.

    You’ve come a long way, and it’s damn impressive to say the least. I may already be in my twenties, but I have no qualms with considering you to be a kind of role model. You’re awesome man. Keep up the hard work; it’s paying off.

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