Who wants to listen to me debate a religious nut?

I’ve been working like a dog on The Essentials recently, which explains why I haven’t bothered to put up a podcast this week. Editing these shows is so time consuming, with a typical episode taking between 8-12 hours of nonstop work (the biggest job so far has roughly 2,000 individual edits). Of course, the shows sound amazing, and by Monday I should have one preview episode to wow you guys.

In the meantime, if you’re starting to feel some withdrawal symptoms, you should check out the Faith and Skepticism podcast, where I debate two Christians (one moderate guy, and one bat-shit crazy dude who thinks demons are real) about the Book of Samuel. It’s a gigantic show, clocking in at over 2 hours, so those of you interested in me taking on some wacky Christians, be sure to check out the show!

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    Wow what a douche pile. They hardly ever answer a question honestly. And are completey unable to see how they talk about other religions and apply that to their own. The guy who said that god talks to him was especially scary.

    You should do this more you did a great job, I was laughing yelling and laughing a lot.

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    That was painful, Jacob, but not because of you. You held your ground, sir, bravo. It seems like they listened to your podcast for ammo against you and thought, “Ok, he seems full of snark and sarcasm, so when he starts that, we’ll lob a ‘language bias’ grenade at him. It’ll muddy the water, make us seem smart and we get to play the hurt-feelings-meenie-head card.” Sooo damn frustrating! I wish they would’ve just address your arguments.

    That being said, I’d still love to hear you debate again 🙂 you were fantastic.

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