Go Vote, or Else…

OK folks, this is it: after months and months of the presidential election campaign eating up valuable news real-estate, it’s now time for you to exercise the limited choice you have and cast your insignificant voice into the choir of madness that is the electoral process.

As you may well know, over 80% of my audience is from the US, which means I have a huge stake in this election. Already over the past 3 years, my income has suffered because of how weak-sauce your currency has become (I lose about 15-20% to this horrible exchange rate now). So, voting for the wrong guy (Mitt Romney) could mean that your money would tank even more, meaning I would be stuck downgrading from Ramen Noodles to Puppy Chow.

Now I know Obama isn’t the perfect superhero you all wanted, but that doesn’t mean you’re supposed to elect the complete opposite of the guy. Without consolidated health care, your country would face the same potential bankruptcy you faced not 4 years ago. Without raising taxes, your debt will continue to spiral out of control while the rich continue to prosper. Without re-investing in your infrastructure, you run the risk of becoming the next Argentina, or worse yet, Greece.

So go vote, guys and girls. It really is the least you can do.

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    I’ll man up and say I didn’t vote, but that is because I was busy and it slipped my mind til after registration date. To be fair though my vote would not have made a difference for a few reasons:

    1. Electoral College had it before Popular Vote .
    2. I live in Arkansas and I knew Romney was going to win my state.
    3. I was gonna vote for Gary Johnson, the other two guys are too similar (except on equality)

    Don’t get me wrong I am happy that Obama won, Romney would have taken social policies way back.

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