TGA Podcast: Episode 196

TGA Podcast: Episode 196

This week, my special guest is Dr. Andy Thomson, author of the book Why We Believe in Gods, and a psychiatrist with his own private practice in Charlottesville, VA. When he’s not also teaching students at the University of Virginia, he’s also a forensic psychiatrist and writes on evolutionary psychology. We talk about his book, Lee Harvey Oswald and the JFK conspiracy, and the future of psychology. Don’t miss out!


Andy Thomson Videos

– Why We believe in Gods [1]
– Imagine No religion two [2]

JFK Conspiracy books

– Reclaiming History: The Assassination of an American President [3]
– Case Closed [4]
– Oswald’s Tale: An American Mystery [5]
– Marina And Lee [6]


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    audio EQ feedback,
    too much mid bass, maybe ok on a laptop but for full range audio is too boomy.

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    I thought it was very interesting, but maybe a bit dryly written for your average reader. Incognito (forget the authors name at the moment), I felt was an easier read on a similar topic.

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