Super mega mail-bag time

Super mega mail-bag time

We haven’t done a mailbag in a long time, so I thought it might be a good idea if we did a crazy huge one for The Essentials┬áDVD. Now, to make it more interesting, I want fans to send questions for each individual host as well. Carisa, Jeff, and Ryan are going to be in the hot-seat, and you’ll be the ones putting them there.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a mailbag without some of you asking me a bunch of weird and even personal questions. So ask me about anything you’re curious about. There’s only one week until we record it, so please try and get your questions or comments in as soon as possible!

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    Ray Richards


    Here is a nickel’s worth of free advise.

    Jacob doing an interview = great podcast
    Jacob + Carisa = good podcast
    Jacob + Ryan = shitty podcast

    Neither of you is as dumb as both of you.

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    I disagree with you^. I’m not going to go into my order but it differs from yours which just goes to how it’s personal perspective and taste.

    I can objectively argue that Ryan calls you out more often and has a slightly different perspective. You also seem to stick to the task at hand more often when you have him on.

    I like Carissa a lot but I think you two can get a little echo chamber-y and into personal stuff. I would miss her if she wasn’t on though. Sometimes she annoys me just because sometimes she sounds so sure of herself but actually I don’t think she’s really like that. I think her thinking is very dynamic and changes but sometimes she comes across so strong you’d think she’d kill you if you contradict her. But I think she’s great. I actually get more excited when she’s on. I really like her.

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    I would also like to point out that Ray doesn’t speak for all of us. While my favorite co-host will always be the lovable goofball Jeff, I really enjoy the conversations with all the regular contributors.

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    Ray Richards

    Netyeti, I was not trying to come across as speaking for anyone but myself. My point is that while Jacob and Ryan each seem like reasonable and intelligent, when working together their discussions sounds like adolescent boys who have drank too much red bull .

    Opinions expressed in this post belong solely to me.

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    I like all the co-hosts for the different perspectives they bring. I wish Jeff were on more often, but only because he’s a rare appearance these days. Oh and I miss the occasional appearance of god… maybe he’ll answer some of the mailbag?

    Personally I didn’t used to be a fan of the interviews, mainly because it was all Jake talking and very little listening to the interviewee. However he’s got much much better over time and I enjoy them these days.

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    Oh yeah…. questions for mailbag!

    Jake: what’s it going to take to get Bible Stories all the way through to Revelation?

    Carissa: You’re clearly used to dealing with other people’s kids… any tips for how to handle god being brought up when god-bothering parents are around?

    Ryan: I know shit all about MMA… but I assume like most sports there’s a lot of god and superstition…? Is it any worse or better than other sports, and if so why do you think that is?

    Jeff: How come you’re not around so much any more? You’re a popular co-host… so why can’t we hear more from you?

    God: Which argument for your own existence do you prefer, ontological or TAG?

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    Dan Drew

    First off, to the guy who called out Ryan, I disagree completely. He is the best cohost for the podcast, though I enjoy both Ryan and Carissa. I sometimes get annoyed by Carissa explaining how people should raise their kids or live their lives, since she is what, 24? But I wouldn’t change her. How can I get annoyed with Jeff, since he is hardly ever on? I enjoy his enthusiasm. Ryan is good, and I appreciate him more, now that he is on less often.

    Here’s a question for Jacob: Do you know how annoying it is when you laugh at your own jokes? It’s like listening to a pretensious Jimmy Fallon. Okay that wasn’t really a question.

    Real question for Jacob: Why don’t you do the “god interview” anymore? That was one of my favorite podcasts, by far. That and the Prometheus one….

    Carissa: Ever give the old Tom Baker Dr Who a try?

    Jeff: I thought you were putting out a Comic or some shit online, where is it?

    Ryan: If you could teleport in front of one Religious leader, punch em in the face, and the poof! be gone, who would it be?

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