Rob Schneider is a dangerous moron

Have you ever stopped and considered just how stupid we are as a species sometimes? If we aren’t relentlessly polluting our own inescapable environment, we’re putting our lives at risk by failing to take antibiotics properly, or not bothering to vaccinate our children out of some stupid notion that this life saving invention causes completely unrelated disorders. Part of the reason we’re as dumb as we are is because we allow famous people – who are otherwise completely ignorant of reality – to dictate how we should live our lives.

The most recent addition to this dangerous new group of celebrities who talk about shit they have no knowledge of is Rob Schneider. You might remember him as Adam Sandler’s unfunny lapdog, whose famous catchphrase “You can do it”, obviously never referred to getting yourself an education.

by far the most insidious of all Government intrusions is the one happening right now in America by Big Pharma in their collusion with our representatives in Government. Government coercion to force parents to make their children take any invasive medical procedures (vaccination of their children) is something out of an Orwellian nightmare or Nazi Germany. Just remove the word vaccine and replace it with an other medical procedure and you will begin to see how regressive and criminal this is.

You know what should be criminal? Giving medical advice to people when you don’t know the first thing about medicine. Trying to paint such a vital public health issue as some freedom violating, Big Brother tactic, shows you need to actually do your homework: since morons like Schneider and McCarthy keep encouraging other idiots not to vaccinate their children, Measles and Rubella, diseases that were previously under control, are making a huge comeback, and putting the lives of children and adults in real danger.

Vaccines, unlike any other drug, is a one size fits all nightmare. The Vaccine makers insist ALL VACCINES MUST BE TAKEN BY EVERY ONE IN THE SCHEDULE THAT WE DECIDE! Name one other drug that is given such impunity. Every person is different and their precious immune systems don’t react the same way. 49 doses of 14 different Vaccines before the age of 6 is mandated by Doctor convenience and Big Pharma profits not patient wellness or sound scientific reasoning.

While it’s true everyone’s immune system doesn’t work exactly the same way, it’s similar enough that a rubella vaccine will work on just about everybody. The reason it’s on a schedule is to ensure the vaccine actually works: since children are given a weakened or dead form of the virus, the body’s immune system doesn’t always kick in. Multiple shots are the norm to ensure a higher probability of immunization. As for the scheduling of these shots, they tend to coincide with the level of social interaction the child is engaged in. So, if a kid is about to go to primary school, it’s pretty vital that he/she be properly immunized, otherwise they could put other lives in danger.

Schneider thinks he’s fighting for people’s freedom, but all he’s doing is helping to ensure these treatable illnesses spread to individuals who don’t benefit from a strong immune system. If someone could put a fucking muzzle on this little Chihuahua, you’d be doing this world a giant favor.

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