“Jesus Rifles” still in circulation

Back in 2010, the American Army got busted for having rifle sites with Bible verses engraved on the side. The company responsible, Trijicon, got in enough shit that they promised to not only remove the offending verses, but also replace the scopes to avoid the appearance that the Army was some kind of invading Christian aggressor.

Well, it’s been over 2 years, and these fucking things are still in circulation. The Army claims it’s made good progress in having the verses removed, but from the reports of actual soldiers in the group, it looks like no action has actually taken place. This is a fairly low priority for the Army, and considering the company has been doing this for 20 years, there’s every chance that the initial effort was simply a PR move by the Army to get everyone off their backs and they proceeded to return business as usual when the news cycle had died down.

You can’t even get the fucking Army to respect the separation of church and state. Kind of gives you an idea of the uphill battle we have to fight, doesn’t it?

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    Reverend Clint

    its actually the optical sight that has the bible verse on it not the rifle itself.

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    I know the first thing you would do if you took command of a company in country: gather everyone around and tell them to take the ACOG sights off their rifles, stash them in the armory, and go on patrol with open sights.
    Look, just like the government is too incompetent to actually hold together any conspiracy theory, the Armed Forces are too large and unresponsive to fix what sounds like something simple.
    Sure it sounds easy to not take delivery of new sights with bible verses, but who wants to take the time to track down every one that’s been issued … around the world? Are you really going to tell a grunt downrange that he should take a rifle into combat without an ACOG sight just because of half a dozen letters engraved on it?
    I’ll willing to bet dollars to donuts that an artillery unit is out there today firing ammo from that was made in 1978 or before. I think those sights might be out there for a little while.

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