Churches double down on political involvement

As election day approaches, religious institutions are taking advantage of the uncertainty and religious resurgence to attempt to undo a law prohibiting them from participating in the political process. Now, we all know the IRS is a toothless organization when it comes to this issue: only once have they ever bothered to enforce this law, despite blatant violations (such as when the Mormon Church spent 30 million dollars trying to ban gay marriage).

Confident in the current political climate that no administration would dare take them on, a group of roughly 1000 pastors and religious leaders are gathering to endorse Mitt Romney (which isn’t stated but using my amazing detective skills, I decoded their intent).

The Conservative group “Alliance Defending Freedom” has scheduled what they are calling “Pulpit Freedom Sunday” for October 7th, when church leaders across America will devote their sermons to the election and campaign on behalf of a political candidate.

Nice try attempting to make this whole affair seem bipartisan. With Obama playing extra nice to religious groups not to appear anti-religious, you have to wonder if there is anyone with enough guts and interest in maintaining their Republic who will take these guys on. This shit is so blatant, they’re even planning on baiting the IRS with videos of themselves violating this law. Their hope is this will cause a political quagmire that can be exploited by conservative media and allow them even more power in the political process. Parker Louis can’t lose.

Feeling depressed yet?

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