TGA Podcast: Episode 185

TGA Podcast: Episode 185

This week, my special guest is singer/songwriter Dan Ingala of the band, Plushgun. He’s come to discuss the messed up political situation in America, and he’s even written a song about it!

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    Rick K.

    Mention was made of a hope for the “Baby Boom” generation to die out. As a member of that generation, I sincerely wish that would be qualified a bit more. I don’t like what the so-called “rich old white men” are doing to everybody else, any more than anyone else affected. I don’t see my age (59) as giving me any privileges, either, and personally, I’d like to live for a while longer. I’m sorry you feel denied certain benefits you feel are due to you, but from what I hear you saying in almost every podcast you release, you managed to figure out alternatives. I think you fill a niche: frank talk by someone who wants to stick to the facts. Please keep it up, but always stick to those facts, even though they might be annoying sometimes. Thanks again for introducing me to Plushgun. I find their music is very different from the typical “pop” that we seem to find everywhere else. Already ordered a couple of their albums from, to listen to. I really dislike music on mp3’s, because they always sound flat and lifeless to me.

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