Dr. Pepper ad upsets dumb people

My friends and loved ones will testify to my undying love of Dr. Pepper. I like the taste, I like the logo, and for a while, I even had a Dr. Pepper background on my x-box. You could say I was a little obsessed with the drink, to say the least.

Now I’m officially in love, considering the fact that the company’s new ad – featuring a monkey evolving into a man after having found a can of Dr. Pepper – has upset fundamentalist Christians every time someone doesn’t credit Jesus for everything in the Universe. The Facebook post is still generating discussion, with comments sitting somewhere in excess of 3k.

Much of the early discussion was dominated by a Christian troll by the name of Amy, who was filled with powerful gems of insight:

so all you people seem to think that moon has a gravity… have you been there, didn’t think so. just like your other theories. you were a human when you were born and you are still a human. Monkies¬†[sic] stay monkies [sic]¬† humans stay humans. evolution is same if i claimed that an apple will in time turn in to a pineapple, but in fact it will just rot. think about that

If anyone didn’t get it before, i will never again drink dr. pepper. in fact i will go shoplift some and pour it on the ground, take that atheists. i did like it before but this is just wrong. the children will grow up to be stupid if they’re surrounded by this kind of media.

You’ll be happy to know the vast majority of the comments are actually making fun of these idiots and their inability to grasp reality. The Internet is, after all, dominated by Godless heathens like yourself. So, if you’re looking for a laugh, go read some of these comments yourself.

Did I mention this Amy chick also has a crazy website I’ll be making fun of in my next post?

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    Real Men Prey

    Pffft, take a look at the source code of the Ten Commandments site, and take a peek at the Meta Description:

    “This page defines the true origin and meaning of atheism. It shows that atheists, who are the most highly learned people of the world community are the true criminals of the world community. It shows how atheism is responsible for youth crime and all the moral decline in the world.”

    Soooo they claim that we’re the most learned, but won’t actually listen to the facts?

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    wow just wow, checked out the site you linked to. There was some amazing stuff there. i loved the gibberish riddles set in strange imaginery class rooms.
    i really can’t tell if its taking the piss or not. oh and its easy to imagine a greater sky monkey for your ‘WHICH DO YOU CHOOSE OH ATHEIST?’ problem on page 4, it shows a distinct lack of imagination that you can’t.

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    Marc Weeks

    The people who don’t like the Dr. Pepper ad are undoubtedly the same sorry lot that objected to the “pornographic” logo Starbucks unveiled a year or so ago.

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    Dathan Pressing

    I’m trying not to be biased, but isn’t it sort of similar how BOTH religious people and anti-religious (correct phrase?) people metaphorically shove their beliefs down other people’s throats? I dunno, I just think that both athiests and the religious deserve more than simply being categorized by certain people. I’m Catholic (on this website to study the religious undertones of The Invention of Lying) and we’re not all crazy haha, but every group has their weirdos. Maybe its just me who thinks like that?

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    Dathan Pressing


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    Dathan Pressing

    …probably should stop posting but my god (not intended), Amy definitly belongs in the crazy category of our religious side hahaha.

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    The old Amy could perhaps start a petition to get a can of Dr. Pepper blessed and included in the sunday brunch offering at the church as an alternative to the regular fare of wine and crackers. Some pizza would be good too.

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    If you drink this crap because of the ad, you are not very intelligent anyway. Ya I’m one of a kind, I gotta be me, so I’ll drink Dr. Pepper, ooohhh, do you see how stupid I am yet?

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