God’s greatest gift…an empty box

Can you imagine hiring these lamers for your kid’s birthday party? I’m not sure they realize this, but tantalizing kids with the prospect of puppies, ice cream or sports memorabilia, only to show them an empty box that turns into a cross is the mother of all lame finales. “Look kids, the greatest gift God has ever given us is invisible!”.

(via Christian Nightmares)

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    Bram Kaandorp

    Well, they’ve got one thing going for them.

    Like most clowns, these are also ridiculous.

    Now, if only they could nail the “funny” bit of entertainment.

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    I agree. Completely devoid of any real humour, as are many so-called Christians. Definitely clowns, in every sense of the word! They obviously don’t realise just how stupid and ridiculous they actually look, although I’ve no doubt that THEY think themselves incredibly witty and sophisticated. Think again, folks.

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    At least Ronald McDonald can hand out burgers and fries so there’s a major improvement to start. At least Maccas boxes have something in them, something you can touch, feel and eat. That’s a whole lot better than a dead magic jew, torture device and a silent invisible fantasy that doesn’t actually do anything.

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