Heal yourself with bullshit.

What’s the fastest way to make a buck? How about exploiting desperate people afflicted with incurable diseases? Judging by the video above, it seems like they are ready to believe any promise of improved health, regardless of whether or not it has any solid merit. Desperate people make the greatest suckers, don’t they?

Enter Advance Cell Training, a program that claims to help you beat even treatable illnesses using the power of positive thinking. Now, if you’re worried some folks might make terrible life decisions based on some scam, don’t worry: they totally have this helpful ‘disclaimer’ that helps explain their therapy doesn’t actually do anything medical.

It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. We are not doctors. The information on this website is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional and is not intended as medical advice. It is intended as a sharing of knowledge and information from the research of Advanced Cell Training. We encourage you to make your own health care decisions based upon your research and in partnership with a qualified doctor or health care professional.

Sharing knowledge, huh? That normally involves actual information that isn’t simply pulled out of your ass. So, what kind of therapy are these scammers trying to pull? The usual “stress is bad, makes you sick” shit that every New Age guru tries to pretend is an insight. It’s great when you pretend to cure something as ill defined as ‘stress’, since no one can really call you out on it.

Regardless of the diagnoses, four common instigators of chronic disease are stress, pathogens, allergy and autoimmune. Sick people store stress and it builds up while healthy people’s bodies eliminate it. Sick people’s bodies allow virus and bacteria to live, while healthy people’s bodies kill them. Sick people’s bodies may fight foods, pollens, smells (allergy) – while healthy people’s bodies react properly and it doesn’t contribute to illness. Sick people’s bodies may attack its own organs and tissues (autoimmune) while healthy people’s bodies nourish and protect. We seek to help the ill retrain their bodies to function like those who don’t get ill. Restore proper bodily function at the cellular level restores homeostasis, and often, quality of life for the chronically ill..

The scary thing is Lyme disease is actually treatable with antibiotics, but because of scamming pieces of shit like the ACT people (who have done a great job at remaining mostly anonymous), I’ve read countless forum threads of people who stopped taking their antibiotics before it was safe to do so. These people not only put their own lives at risk, but their irresponsible use of antibiotics could make treating the disease much more difficult.

If anyone can find me a copy of this scam (without giving these jackasses one red cent), I’d love to tear it to pieces.

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    Steven McDannel

    I have fibromyalgia I’ve struggled with this disease since I was in middle school it was a living hell. People like this make me sick. Recently my fibromyalgia rapidly improved because I was able to convince my doctor prescribed an experimental medication it is called Cesamet. Since getting put on this medication at the correct dose it is almost like not having fibromyalgia. This drug is a synthetic THC if you have fibromyalgia I recommend that you try to get your Dr. to prescribe it if you won’t shop around until you find one. My fibromyalgia was so severe I could not listen to music. Now I can listen to music blaring, with the base blaring. I can exercise now, I’m not constantly nauseous, I experienced no fibro fog. If I believed in miracles I would say fighting this medication for myself would be it. I hope that other people could benefit from this.

    As for those snake oil salesman I wish they could burn in the fiery pits of Mordor while me, the doctor (Dr. who the most recent one) and Christopher Hitchens all drinking scotch. Watching them burn in hell would be fine too but I prefer my fantasy to Christian one.

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    Steve Danbury

    This is basically a pray away your disease program. When I entered the program, I filled out a basic questionnaire where they asked what my spiritual beliefs were and I put Atheist. Later in the process Gary Blier identified me as a christian with a “muscle test” and my wife and I looked at each other with that WTF expression.

    My wife and I both fell for this and just want everyone to be aware of some of our experience with ACT. Advanced Cell Training claims that their process will kill pathogens by retraining your body to attack those pathogens, “bugs” as founder Gary Blier of Immune Response Training (IRT) fame says that your immune system does not recognize these pathogens as disease. Or better yet, “turn your brain into a Rife machine”. Gary Blier, the practitioner, dreams up “codes” while he talks to you on a conference line, to address your physical illness, Lyme, as well as all your past emotional traumas which he says causes the disease. EFT I would guess. This emotional crap almost drove me to take my life.
    My wife and I both have had Lyme disease for over seven years and he, Gary Blier and his marketing person, Paul Callahan, told us they could “cure” Lyme with their process. This is a fraud in our opinion. My wife and I got worse over time (20 weeks in my case) by following their advice and guidance. The placebo effect coupled with being so desperate to beat this illness, we stopped antibiotics because Gary Blier said that he could replace the antibiotics with “codes” that would accomplish the killing of the pathogens permanently. Gary Blier also claims that once he re-trains the body to kill a pathogen, your body will continue to kill that pathogen forever.
    As of a few days ago they had to post a new web page in front of their main web page, having their new clients agree to a disclaimer, which admits that they do not cure anything, before you can enter their site, so if you go there, do not agree to enter their site or you have agreed to hold them harmless for whatever damage they do. http://www.advancedcelltraining.com. You can also do an internet search on any search engine…”Gary Blier under investigation” or just “Gary Blier” and see what this guy has been doing for years now. Lymeblog has done a good job with this man in the past. I have far more evidence if anyone is interested.

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    thanks for this, ACT is the biggest scam I’ve ever heard of. Lets disregard any science and physics and just have people with their minds which are INFESTED with bacteria sometimes yielding MS and yea THC can help coat the nerves and PROTECT them like the above post said.

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    Jennifer Cutler

    This program Advanced Cell Training ,,,,,has saved my Life!!!!!!! I have SUFFERED from severe shortness of breath,, to where I have to leave events ,, due to basically ,,just not getting AIR!!! AIR HUNGER,,,,, From LYME DISEASE,, WHICH BROKE OUT INTO BABESIA,,,, causing Horrible Shortness of Breath …. Since 2008,,,, !,
    ACT,, has saved my life! I am out of bed, going to events, working, and the best part ,,,is SINGING to a song on the radio in the car>>>which one can’t do ,,, due to no AIR!!! I went to 5 different Pulmonary Docs,,, 6 different inhalers,,, NONE WORKED!! I was finally diagnosed with Lyme Disease less than a year ago!
    Gary Blier,, and ACT,,, IS NOT A SCAM!! I was in suicide condition,,,,,, due to such bad shortness of breath!!!!

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    It’s all about choice and those that choose to believe ACT is a scam can and will remain ill. No, it doesn’t work for everyone, but I am thankfully one of their success stories. I was diagnosed with CFS by an Infectious Disease doc in ’93, continued working until my body collapsed in ’08. Finally after being told by docs at Johns Hopkins that I was fine, I got my correct diagnoses of Lyme, Babesia and Bartonella. The long term antibiotics almost killed me, literally. I only tried Advanced Cell Training because of the money back guarantee after four weeks and am so thankful I gave it a chance. It took just under two years and I now have my life back. Unfortunately I had already lost my twenty seven year teaching career to this disease before I got better.

    SO, by bashing and telling lies that ACT does not work thankfully does NOT keep it from working for us. There are many people who have gotten their lives back with ACT. What if you were willing to open your mind and try it and possibly get your health back??? What if??? You will never know unless you try as I did. Would you rather remain ill or try something to get better?? It’s all about choice. Which will you choose?

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    I can’t imagine people could get so worked up for this…I mean heck if you have no improvement in the first month they refund your money. Anyone that can’t tell if something is working within the first month is clearly not in tune with their body or hurting bad enough to need this anyway.

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    ACT does work and has worked for me…you people who want to put your money into drugs that kill you ..be my guest…they just continue to deplete your immune system and a lab test will tell you do not have lyme when you actually do…keep your head in the sand as the rest of us go on to better health and longer lives and you spend your time with Dr”s and pills….i bet all of you naysayers believe your government cares about you also and that GMO’s are good for you…happy sick days to you all.

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    Well you skeptics.. the FDA investigated Gary Blier for 2 years and couldn’t find a single person who was lying about their improved health. Sorry but it really WORKS. I just wish they had called me. I would have been happy to be one of the hundreds who have attested to this unconventional healing method as THE REAL DEAL! He couldn’t afford to offer to give you back ALL your money if you’re not happy unless he’s honestly helping people heal! Yep… A whole month and a money back guarantee ! … nothing works for everyone, but this is pretty close! I’m so lucky I didn’t listen to the naysayers…I’m Healthy Happy and Chronic Fatigue FREE! You can be too… and BTW dump that anger..it’ll kill ya!

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    Good atheist, I would like to start by acknowledging the fact that I cannot prove God’s existence to you, just as much as you cannot disprove his existence to me. So let us refrain from attacking the spiritual position in this process, seeing as neither of us are qualified to have a position.

    Readers, please keep bias in mind. This article was written by an atheist. This means that the moment the author discovered prayer was involved in ACT, his personal belief system rejected everything about it. He mentally cannot cope with the possibility of success in ACT because at its core, it goes against his definition of reality.

    This discredits his article at its core, because it is not solely an attack on ACT. It is also an attack on religion itself. Part of his thinking process is that since it involves prayer, it must be fraud. Because to him, prayer isn’t real. So when you say your talking to God, he will laugh in your face.

    How can one be so sure about something he’s never tried? I believe you read other people’s blogs, and made your own decision on whether or not this works. That is fair. However, to read other people’s “beliefs” and to regurgitate them as your own while stating it in such a factual manner only reveals your inability to truly understand the process. This discredits you more than you know, making you simply another “blogger with a position on something he’s never tried.”

    So friends, I implore you to use this critical thinking that the “good atheist” talks about. Will you try this risk free, to save a life? Or will you sit here reading this blog post on someone else’s personal opinion. Maybe I am just a leader, but i prefer making my own judgements off experience rather than what the general populous has to say.

    “Unless I see in His hands the imprint of the nails, and put my finger into the place of the nails, and put my hand into His side, I will not believe.” (John 20:25)

    Christians, where is your faith?

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    Lyme Mom

    These people do not have licenses to counsel. They also have no proof that anything works. If they tell you to stop the antibiotics, then they are practicing medicine without a license and should be reported.

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    Jesse Fritsch

    I’ve been considering trying this for a long time. My chronic lyme (I’ve had for over 20 yrs) is under control. It’s tolerable. I can work and take care of my kids however I would really like to wipe it out. I believe the body can heal itself. Before I’ve ever heard of Gary I would concentrate on white blood cells in my body when if I felt lousy and I would make myself better. I can’t understand why the skeptics are 100% sure it doesn’t work. So it might not have worked for them but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work for everyone. The same goes for a lot of conventional treatments you get from your standard M.D. I’ve been following certain people on fb for a very long time and seen their journeys unfold. It seems a lot of people get worse before they get better but I’ve seen people …again on fb get better! I just have to decide when I can give this a full 100%.

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