Scumbag Rabbis won’t stop spreading herpes to babies

As Germany and the Netherlands consider banning the barbaric and totally useless practice of ‘male circumcision’ (a better word is simply genital mutilation), they face mounting resistance from religious groups who accuse them of anti-Semitism or other such nonsense. While the WHO claims it can help lower the spread of HIV, the actual supporting figures are pretty weak, and may actually lead to risky behavior (given the false sense of security). Some enlightened doctors are protesting that the surgery is both unnecessary (outside of a few special cases) and in violation of their Hippocratic oath to do no harm.

‘We feel circumcision is a medically unnecessary form of surgery. The patient has to give consent, but children can’t give consent and we feel that is wrong and a violation of the child’s rights…In our code of medical ethics, it states that you must not do harm to the patient, but with this procedure this is exactly what you’re doing.”

California has already failed in its bid to protect the penises of young boys, with the Governor instead signing a law specifically PREVENTING anyone from banning the practice. Considering almost half of the male population in the US no longer has any foreskin, it seems doubtful a ban will ever come into effect. It’s so difficult, in fact, that even New York can’t stop herpes infected rabbis from killing kids with this nonsense:

“For the government to force a rabbi who’s practicing a religious act to tell his congregants it’s dangerous is totally unacceptable,” Niederman told The Post.
“You’re forcing the mohel and the parent to sign a piece of paper that contradicts their religious convictions.”

Yet another group of dangerous morons trying to claim their religious convictions are more important than the life of the kids they put at risk. In the 21st century, it’s still controversial to even attempt to stop herpes infested mouths from touching the mutilated penises of young infants. You can officially be depressed now.

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    Reverend Clint

    I was circumcised as a child and am actually glad I was. I do remember any of it since children of that age do remember anything and I feel it is visually and hygienically more pleasing.

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    Reverend Clint

    *dont remember

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    Of course you don´t feel anything bad about your genital mutilation now. You don´t remember when it was done to you.

    With that logic you would think it is ok to cut off various bodyparts that humans can live without as appendix, Fifth toe, Tonsils, male nipples, gall bladder, spleen and wisdom teeth among other things.

    I don´t know if you have a kid, but would you feel ok with removing all of these bodyparts from them and risk the health complications if a religion told you to do that even if your son or daughter would tell you later on that they feel that it is visually and hygienically more pleasing?

    I don´t think so…

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