TGA Podcast: Episode 180 1/2

TGA Podcast: Episode 180 1/2

This week Ryan joins me as we talk about the early history of Humanism, and my general opinion about this new “Atheism +” thing. Come and get your fix!

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    just an aside, i wonder if Ryan has heard of the Oculus rift

    join our VR cult Jacob

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    WRT your recent discussion on emergent naturalistic morality, I suggest checking out “Atheist Ethicist” Alonzo Fyfe’s writings on desire utilitarianism. The theory describes how generally true statements about moral values can emerge from the interaction desires of interested actors within a society.

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    Damn you, now I feel the need to read more Cicero!

    Another good pod cast. You’ve kept up your promise of better more regular content so time re-sub :)

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    Paco Puente

    Hey Jacob, in the podcast you were talking about how a lot of thinkers, artist and other geniuses appeared at the same time period and place, 15th century Italy. It reminded me of this video, there are some interesting ideas in it that may interest you:

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    Thanks for the talk about early humanists. I probably share a lot of similar ideas with modern humanists, but I feel their more touchy-feely approach is not for me.
    I got the impression the main reason for starting A+ is because the “old boys” network of atheist intellectuals seems so darned difficult to break through, especially for the younger females who want to be activists, but don’t have academic or science creds. Can’t fault them for that.
    We’ve had breakoff groups in the past (remember Brights?), but they eventually rejoined the more-or-less mainstream after a while. I don’t see a reason to worry about it.
    What needs to happen is the older, more entrenched males must help make space for women to participate, and all of the males need to dial down the hormones a bit and show more respect for their fellow travelers on this non-deity route.

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