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Hey guys and gals,

With the Bible Stories¬†campaign behind firmly behind me, I’ve decided to make a few changes to the format of the show, and the schedule as well. Over the past year, TGA has really struggled to maintain a rigorous schedule, and this has hurt our growth. And while the ‘bonus show’ idea has generated monies, the basic structure always bothered me. I hate the idea that a great show only gets listened to by a few hundred people, and there’s now so much free content that people no longer feel compelled to become members. So, in an effort to fix these two problems, TGA is announcing there will now be two free shows a week, so at starting the end of September, there will be no more $20 option for subscription (although the $5 a month will remain for people who want access to any show that is older than 3 months.

The rational is this: most people don’t listen to older shows anyway unless they are passionate about your program (making them likely to become supporters), and the fastest way to grow is to become part of people’s routine. Now, after careful analysis of your own habits over the years, it would appear the vast majority of you listen to the show during commutes and during workouts. So, to accommodate the worst days of the week and introduce some much needed regular sunshine, TGA’s release schedule will be Monday and Wednesday (although technically they will be released at midnight of the previous day, allowing subscribers to download the shows before work). My goal in the coming year is to keep these times consistent.

We now have an actual budget for the website, which means yours truly no longer needs to try and strain his limited skills to try and build a site. This means I’m actively looking for a web developer who wants to have a long term business partnership. As usual, I prefer to work with fans who are familiar with the site, and can ensure that quality remains high.

Lastly, our first product to be released will be The Essentials¬†DVD, and we’re looking for fan input on what you think the best shows are. There’s tons of content there, so your help would be appreciated!

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    I’m interested in seeing how well this business model will work, to be honest I’m a little skeptical, but nonetheless I wish you luck. I am excited to hear that you’re committing yourself to two shows a week; I feared your work on the book might have put the podcast on the back burner, but I see that is not the case.

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    I’m slightly confused about the forum. Is membership required to participate?
    And also don’t feel the need to do too much. Two shows a week seems rigorous. If you like it and it fulfills you..good. But if burns you out or makes you feel obligated.. not good.

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    and I like the show where you point out old people are terrible.

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