I know I shouldn’t feed this troll, but…

It’s a bad idea to feed Internet trolls, but every once in a while I get a comment on a random article that I just can’t resist writing a response to. This one appeared in an article entitled “Why is Christianity growing in China“. Here’s this clown’s answer:

It will be interesting to see atheists trying to uplift the human spirit with??? LOL, not to make fun of your beliefs dear “know it all”, but it’s been proven using the scientific method that human beings do indeed need to have their spiritual side cultivated in some way. Now you could be “spiritual but not religious”, that works for some. But there will never be a power greater then the worlds great religions that actually has the capability of lifting the most destitute, and guiding the most educated and well off of our lot. I know you don’t believe this dear atheist, but belief has nothing to do with how smart you are!

What’s his scientific proof, you ask? Well, like most religious idiots, the concept of ‘scientific proof’ is only relevant if it somehow confirms his ridiculous view of the world. In this case, it’s the idea that without a ‘spiritual’ side, there’s no way for people to feel uplifted and part of some greater whole.

What a fucking load of horseshit.

It isn’t the world of make-believe which inspires me. It’s the vastness of the universe, or the fact that the atoms which make up my body are forged of the amber of dying stars. I’m a product of over 3 billion years of evolution, one of a myriad of different lifeforms each adapted to suit their particular environment. I live on a cooling ball of rock and iron orbiting a massive collection of hydrogen, packed so tightly together that they fuse, forming helium and unleashing 3.8 x 10^33 ergs/sec of power (a number that is surprisingly easy to calculate, using only an umbrella, a tin of water, and a thermometer).

I find all of this more awe inspiring than any myth we’ve ever invented. How could we compete with the wonders of reality? In the past 80 years we’ve uncovered more about the universe than during our entire time here on Earth. There is still so much to discover and be inspired by, yet religious people keep claiming they have the monopoly on beauty and truth. The stories of Achilles and Jesus have nothing on the beauty of a supernova explosion, or an entire galaxy consumed in a Quasar.

As for intelligence having nothing to do with belief, I would venture to say while plenty of smart people can believe in some incredibly stupid and silly things, those very beliefs impact how a person thinks and acts. Steve Jobs thought alternative medicine could help his aggressive cancer. His stupid belief, while it may not have diminished his overall intelligence, affected his well being enough to terminate his life prematurely. Would anyone praise his ‘spirituality’ in this circumstance, or criticize the ridiculousness of his cherished beliefs? Had his friends and family been brave enough to call him out on it, he might still be alive, and the iPhone 5 wouldn’t suck balls.

If you want to pat yourself on the back for believing in things without evidence, that’s fine: just don’t pretend it makes you smart, guy.

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    I’ve noticed more and more people categorizing atheist as smug know-it-alls, or in the case of another editorial you posted..pseudo intellectuals who went to public schools. I spot a trend. I think this is a new way to dismiss people who seem perfectly smart and reasonable. Well, at least they’ve noticed were smart and reasonable. At least it’s better then thinking we are lowly evil thoughtless hedonist.

    I think we’ve made progress with our image.

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    Sterling Knight

    The “Why is Christianity growing in China” link is admin-only. Here’s the article: http://www.thegoodatheist.net/2011/09/12/why-is-christianity-growing-in-china/

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