Kickstarter campaign cancelled, moved to Indiegogo

I think Plato said it best: “Be kind to everyone you meet, for they are fighting a hard battle”. My ‘hard battle’ was having to shut down the Kickstarter campaign 24 hours before we were set to receive almost 20k in support monies. The reason this had to be done is best explained by my American partner, Lena:

My name’s Lena, I was Jacob’s American partner on this campaign. I want to personally apologize to you for having to shut this project down. Without getting into too much of my personal life, I wanted to explain to you what happened. I recently ended my active duty service in the military to pursue my education. With that change in my life, I have been collecting unemployment. While that was a concern when I was first approached with this project I thought I had looked into it fully. Unfortunately, what I failed to find out until now was that I would not be able to work around this one-time transfer (of funds to Jake’s account) without telling the unemployment agency therefore putting my benefits on hold until they figured out I was not profiting whatsoever with this campaign. I’m not sure what country you are from or if you have ever been in the position where your livelihood depended on the government (regulations). So I don’t know if you can relate whatsoever to my story, but I do ask that you forgive Jake. He was under the assurance that I collected the correct information concerning my situation. As you could probably imagine I was hyperventilating all day today when I learned the news… I am utterly devastated that I may have ruined this man’s dreams.

If you would please visit to donate to Jacob’s campaign there and help me make it up to him.

As you can probably tell, I’m not mad at Lena for what happened: I’m mad at the American government for standing in the way, for putting us in a horrible situation. It was incredibly hard to cancel the campaign, but I can’t imagine how guilty and upset she must have been over this. I know that those final 2-3 days when we were trying to salvage the situation were stressful as fuck.

I’ve moved everything to Indiegogo, and so far, you guys have stepped up and helped bring us back to almost 10k in a day. Yeah, I’m pretty shocked and happy that it is working out well. There may even be a silver lining for some of you who spent a bit too much money in July!

So, visit the new Indiegogo Campaign, contribute, and let’s get this thing back to where it was…again!

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