Emergency Podcast!

Emergency Podcast!

Because of a problem with Kickstarter (explained in the show), we had to cancel it despite a superb performance. It has since moved to Indigogo, and we’re trying to have lightning strike twice. In the meantime, we recorded a show to explain the deal.

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    Sorry to hear the KickStarter didn’t work properly. It looks like you’re doing fine on Indiegogo so I’m sure you’ll get back around the level you were at on KS.

    Im no longer a regular listener, but if the book comes out, I’ll buy it. I’ll probably even buy a signed copy if you sell them on the site. I just don’t like the idea of kickstarter and the like. At the end of the day, it’s a donation, it’s not a preorder.

    I’ll buy a cool product when it’s made, but I won’t pay for the promise that a product might come out. I think it was just this week that the guys who did the pebble watch, which made over 10 million dollars, came out and said they would miss their promised ship date and didn’t offer a new date. If that watch ever comes out, I’ll buy one. If it doesn’t, I’m not out anything and don’t care.

    Regardless, I do hope the Indiegogo works out better than the Kickstarter.

    PS been a long time since I’ve listened to a full episode, I always thought the episodes with Jeffery were really good, this one was no exception.

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    Sucks about kickstarter, especially given how much you raised. Nice to have Jeff back though.

    Also, I’m gonna hold off until I make a pledge because I’m probably gonna move soon, and I don’t wanna give you the wrong shipping address…

    Good luck, again, with it.

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    Bwahaha, Jacob whines whines whines, hours later, $10,032 Raised of $10,000 Goal

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    I read the blog that explained what happened, and I can understand. I’ve had relatives and friends dealing with various government agencies that put restrictions on income.
    Never had heard about either Kickstarter or Indiegogo before you told us about them. Subsequent research showed a few negative reviews about the former, so I was a bit hesitant to contribute. I did anyway, hoping everything would go well. We’re doing the same again, so let’s hope it’ll work out.

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