Creepy Mormon ceremony caught on video

It doesn’t help that the voice sounds like someone who kidnapped your loved ones and is now asking for ransom money. This is a rare opportunity to see their little dogma in action for yourself without having to let them know anything important about you. Take a look before someone tries to take this down.

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    The video/audio quality leaves something to be desired, but it’s a hidden camera, so you know, what can ya do? Another video helps to supplement this one, made by someone that used to conduct the ceremonies:

    Either way, real footage of the ceremonies are rare and worth a look. Good find!

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    That was interesting. As a former third degree Freemason, I was surprised how much ritual was lifted from the Freemasons. Joseph Smith couldn’t even write original material. Mormons are likely discouraged from joining the Masons, so they don’t realize how unoriginal their ceremonies are.

    Masonry predates Mormonism by many years but the words used are almost identical. The square and compass make up the Masons insignia. A word, grip or token is needed to enter the Masons lodge. Three knocks are the signal to answer the door of the lodge. The knee is bared to kneel at the door of the lodge. Etc, etc. Freemasonry is based on religious ritual without recognizing a personal God, so it is quite benign overall. Really just a charitable organization with no pressure to believe anything. I left because I could not accept a supreme being, which they do ask you to do. However, Masons become Shriners and their charitable efforts are excellent (such as the Shriner’s children’s hospitals for example) I only left the Masons because the rituals went against my non-belief. They have definitely done more good in the world than the LDS.

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    sounds like benjamin sisko from DS9

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    I must disagree with your characterization of the ceremony as creepy. It struck me as benign and rather bereft of imagination. I suspect that nearly all secretive organizations that have developed rites of some kind or other have based those rites upon commonly available and equally pedestrian knowledge.

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    I found it brainwashing creepy!

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    Incredibly soporific. Try Umbanda for more exercise, better music and better food.

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    Andrew Skegg

    I am glad Howard made those observations. As a former Freemason myself, I can confirm what he says.

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    I’m a bit taken aback. I’d honestly thought that over the years they claimed to be non-religious, or at least non religion-specific. And that this ‘non religiousness’ (or at lesst the fact that they aren’t specifically “christians”) meant they were more innocuous / less dangerous. Seriously – I honestly believed that, although I admit, my source(s) were all History Chan shows about the group. Now I find out it IS a *Christian* org to the core and I’m pissed at myself for being some combo of naive and/or just ignorant. Pretty scary ’cause I do try to stay informed. I know they also like to be ‘mysterious’ but swear I remember seeing the Grand Pubah saying to an interviewer that they are open to any ‘faith’ or even ‘non-gaith’z

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