A game show based on the Bible?

Are you familiar with the Bible and still mysteriously think it’s the word of God? Well, there’s a new trivia game for you hosted by the King of Rednecks himself, Jeff Foxworthy, called “American Bible Challenge“. Fresh off his last terrible game show (you may remember it was all about humiliating adults by proving a 6th grader knew more trivia), this new one aims to pit teams of believers against one another to test who has more Biblical knowledge.

Since I’m writing a book about the Bible, I’m wondering if they would accept me on their crappy show. Atheists are, after all, statistically more educated about the Bible than our religious counterparts. Perhaps the potential embarrassment of non-believers spanking Christians with their Bible knowledge might not be too thrilling of an idea for the producers. Besides, I’m sure the topics and trivia they pick will be carefully selected to avoid the inevitable revulsion that results in reading this book: you wouldn’t want to mention Lot being raped by his daughters, or Onan being killed by God for refusing to jizz inside his brother’s widow on live TV, right?

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    Be funnier if they pitted atheists against Christians. Time after time the average atheist proves they know the bible much better than the average god botherer.

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    Lori F-MN

    Ah, but it’s how they INTERPRET it that matters. If the show judges don’t like the answer they’ll just say “that’s not what they mean.” or “you’re taking it out of context”

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    I’d love to see an atheist vs theist challenge, but I’m 100% sure that they’d cherry pick the stupidest atheists and the most knowledgeable theists to make us look bad, especially if it’s a christian running the thing, and in America that’s overwhelmingly likely to happen.

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