Last 10 days for Kickstarter campaign

Hey gang, we’re just about to pass the 10 day mark for the Bible Stories book campaign, and we’re still aiming for 30k in order to help launch a book tour as well. I’ve already been scoping out venues (Houston is looking promising so far), but until we get a little closer to our new goal, I can’t make any hard plans.

The driving force behind wanting to step outside of my comfort zone should be obvious by now: after years of recording in isolation, I want to do studio audience shows so I can hear your reaction to my jokes, rants, or even some of my wilder tangents.

The last few days are usually pretty busy (people like to shop last minute, it would seem), so this goal is still very reachable. If you haven’t already done so, please visit the Kickstarter page, pledge, and leave a comment! Also, be sure to link it on your Facebook, and be sure to tell as many people about it as you can. Every little bit really does help.

[NOTE] I increased the availability of the 250 dollar get-your-face-in-the-book option, since they were selling out fast. I don’t need to tell you that they won’t be there for very long…

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