FLDS Church sends ex-member kitten encased in concrete as warning

If you’re a religious fundie, odds are your level of respect for other living creatures not gifted with ‘a soul’ is not very high. Most fundamentalists see violence and cruelty towards animals as just a normal part of everyday life. God, in their deluded eyes, gave them total dominion over animals, and that means you can treat them like shit if you want.

How else can you explain this bit of cruelty? Ex FLDS member Isaac Wyler – who left cult leader Warren Jeffs’ little coven a number of years ago – woke up to find a kitten encased in concrete in his back yard. Still alive but terrified, the poor creature was buried to its neck, and left inside a metal tube in his back yard. The kitten was intended to be a warning for Isaac to stop speaking out against the church, and Warren Jeffs in particular. Jeffs is currently serving a life sentence for having forced himself on so many underage girls (the man took a page right out of Joseph Smith’s playbook), but he still appears to have enough power and connections in jail he’s even managed to stop all but 15 of his thousands of followers from having sex (well, I doubt the veracity of this claim, but I digress).

I’d like to tell you rescue workers were able to save the poor cat, but the trauma of being both encased and released from a concrete prison was too much for the little guy. The town sheriff, when made aware of this stunning bit of cruelty, simply laughed it off, and suggested ‘throwing dirt’ on the animal to fix the situation. The fact a police officer won’t take animal cruelty seriously (usually a sign of escalating violence) is itself a consequence of the level of religiosity of the town. What else do you expect, folks? Religion poisons everything, including police work!

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    this is so sad…

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    Veracity. Not voracity, veracity. Sorry, it was bothering me.

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    Who is the asshole sheriff that laughed it off? He needs to be mentioned. These people should be thrown in concrete themselves, to do something like that to an innocent animal.

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    I would like to be the person administering justice for the kitten. The sheriff needs a stern reminder that animals have protective laws too.

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    Lisa and Raygina, Colorado City, AZ, where this happened, is one of two small towns that is overrun with people loyal to Jeffs’. Hildale, UT just north of the AZ-UT border is the other. I was reading about Jeffs and the eye-opening activities and behavior of his cult a few years he was actually caught. A great local free rag here in the Phoenix area called the New Times was breaking stories on Jeffs for a while before the authorities caught up to him. Jeffs basically owns those two towns. Not in terms of money and property, but he has crafted for himself a messiah complex that has spread amongst most of the people that live in that small area. As such, if you have people attending your church to interact with you as a messiah – people who happen to hold elected local offices or other positions of authority – and they buy into your BS, well, the rest speaks for itself.

    From what I recall of the New Times stories, a few of which dealt with the plight of sexually abused women and girls up there, the level to which Jeffs’ people have permeated essentially all town authorities and offices is the stuff of crime novels, except this is real. Ergo you have members of the town who have spoken out against Jeffs, like Mr. Wyler, facing random threats or being targeted to be put in jail on trumped up charges, etc. I have no idea if the sheriff in this story is the same one that was around when Jeffs was free, but he may very well be a sympathetic party, which can go a long ways to explaining his callousness and disregard for the situation. And we know that Jeffs has reach beyond his prison cell, as even during his sentencing he and his closest operatives vowed to do their utmost to continue his legacy. It’s not a stretch to think that the people in those towns are evermore intent on maintaining his cult and its practices, if only for the slight that the rule of law dealt them.

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