Catholic propaganda election video

You hear that folks, some things aren’t negotiable, like defining when life actually starts. Using their super-scientific method of determining what is right and wrong (i.e., do whatever the fucking Pope tells you to do), Catholics want voters to continue to erode the reproductive rights of women, deny gays the same rights as everyone else, and let’s not forget force everyone else to placate their crazy nonsense. Gee, where do I sign up for this shitty gig?

Hey Catholics, don’t bother asking questions about your own organization and their involvement in money laundering for organized crime, covering up sexual abuse from priests, and perpetually giving dangerous and false information about condom use. No, that wouldn’t be any fun for the church. Just keep doing what these celibate, rich men keep telling you, and then you’ll get your tickets to paradise. Wow, and all it cost you was your conscience…

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    “Your vote will be .. recorded in eternity.” Catholics will know what after-life is in store for them if they get it wrong.

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    I was home for a holiday recently, and while walking my daughter outside, I noticed on the back of one of my family member’s cars a bumper sticker decrying the whole “attack on religious freedom” that Obama’s healthcare plan supposedly enforces. Talk about an eye-roller. They don’t care that he changed it so that the requirement is on the insurer and not the church, they just continue lying and pretending he’s forcing the Catholic church to provide healthcare with family planning services so that they can figuratively nail themselves to a cross in the public discourse.

    On a side note, I’m guessing the director of this almost laughably overwrought and self-righteous scare video was a man, because the “life is NOT NEGOTIABLE!!!!111!!!!!!11” part flies in the face of the polled numbers on Catholic women and reproductive rights.

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    Harry Phillips

    Oh god this is just screaming out for a parody… wait… searching….

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