“Bible Stories” Kickstarter campaign book tour

It’s looking as though I underestimated how excited people are by my upcoming book, Bible Stories. We’ve reached our goal of 10k after only the first week, and that’s some very exciting news. If we keep up this pace, it means I’ll be able to do a book tour, and that would involve doing shows for a live audience!

It also means I might be able to commission an animator for Bible Stories. Imagine short cartoons depicting the worst parts of the Bible. I can’t imagine a better way to ‘illustrate’ (pun intended) just how cruel and disturbing this book truly is.

The goal to achieve these two projects would involve another 20k (bringing our total to 30,000), which is not unrealistic considering our current pace. Depending on the final tally, and fan response, I’ll be picking 4 different cities to visit and do a live, studio-audience style show. Imagine how fun that would be!

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    Congrats, I wasn’t sure you’d get all you needed, but man was I wrong. Truth be told I just want the podcast to continue, everything else I don’t really care about, but good luck with it anyway.

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    Scott Jensen

    I knew you would hit the goal. I was promoting it everywhere and anything that moved. Your podcast and your friends are something this world needs to hear. People need to know how messed up the Bible is. I would love for you to do the same for the Book of Mormon (I’m ex-mormon, and I think your spin on things would be awesome to hear). and the Qur’an. Although the Qur’an might get you killed. 🙁

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    Diane Getty

    I was hoping to like your show but episode 172 was incredibly boring. Maybe warning labels to let us know it’s just dudes stroking themselves?

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    Jacob Fortin

    Mailbag episodes tend to be for existing fans. It’s in the title. Also, we mentioned it in the podcast.

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