Catholic Bishops in Uganda try to resurrect “Kill the Gays” bill

When push comes to shove, religion poisons everything. Trouble is in its DNA, in its very structure. My God is the only god. His way is the only Way. That’s why I’m not surprised that Catholic bishops in Uganda – having previously spoken out against the “kill the gays” legislation proposed last year – joined in an ecumenical council of Anglican and Orthodox bishops attempting to resurrect it.

Content in their effort to help in the murder of innocent individuals, they followed up with this ironic statement:

At the same conference, the bishops reiterated their role in politics saying, “the church has a biblical mandate to challenge policies and practices that perpetuate injustice, marginalization or inequality.”

Oh, like the injustice of being killed for having same sex attractions? Only the cognitive dissonance of religion could ever explain such a statement. I feel the blood boiling in my veins as we speak…

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    billy Wingartenson

    what would you expect when the vatican is run by an ex member of the hitler youth corp.?

    The catholic church has combined with the extremist islamic influence in Africa., eg the country of the former Edi Amin.

    And with Dolans joining the republicans, we have the perfect example of how catholic charity is only for the rich and powerful, to hell with the middle class and the poor.

    Their idea is that the poorer you are, the more you will go to church for false hope. Their expected loss of contributions is nothing compared to the protection of their absolutist ideology which is little different then the taliban., except for the lack so far of ak47s

    BTW the catholic church joins with the people of the repub for the most part NRA, whose merchants of death kill over 30,000 per year in america alone

    Another example that “protecting life” to them is just another goebbels game – if you tell lies often enough they will be seen as the truth.

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