It’s OK to lie to women about their pregnancy

So, it turns out it’s totally OK to give false, misleading information to women seeking to terminate their pregnancies. America has essentially slowly lost its collective mind over the fact women need abortions, regardless of how Jesus lovers feel about it. Mississippi has managed to effectively make it impossible for anyone living in the state to get one (although the Feds had to get involved), and to make matters worse, the Anti-Choice movement has made another inroad recently in Baltimore, thanks to two conservative judges with their heads up their asses.

In an effort to undermine a serious health service, a non-profit organization called the Crisis Pregnancy Center effectively masquerades as Planned Parenthood clinics (often sharing a parking lot with them), giving false information, using scare tactics and and even deceiving ‘patients’ in order to ensure babies are born. The city of Baltimore was having none of that, and passed a law in 2009 that forced these ‘clinics’ to post a disclosure regarding their stance on abortion. These scumbags fought back, and now the Fourth Circuit court has decided to strike down this law, effectively declaring it legal to lie to women. This includes:

1: It’s ok to tell a woman that she isn’t pregnant in order to get her to term without her knowledge
2: It’s kosher to pretend to be a Planned Parenthood and give false information of the risks and emotional impact of abortion, since you’re lying for Jesus.
3. It’s fine to discourage women from using safe and effective forms of birth control using false information.
4. You’re allowed to scare the shit out of women using videos, pictures, and any other kind of propaganda available to you.

Keep in mind that CPCs outnumber Planned Parenthood five to one in most states, and these scumbags receive millions of taxpayer dollars to lie to vulnerable women.

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