Kickstarter campaign is live!

Ok folks, it’s come down to this: my Kickstarter campaign for Bible Stories. We’ve set the goal at 10,000. So it’s time to get behind this project, and let’s make the book happen together!

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    Nice, it’s finally up. I made my pledge, good luck and I hope you meet (and exceed) your goal.

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    It depresses me how hot some of your friends are… 🙁

    Off to pledge now!

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    Get paid in a week then I will pledge you some money.

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    Congrats on the Kickstarter, was pretty stoked to get this in my inbox today! Had a good chuckle about it too ’cause I’m in the middle of Podcast 155 where you announced that you were working on the Bible Stories book, its a pretty awesome coincidence considering how far behind I am. Its even funnier because I can totally see what you and Ryan were talking about with the whole “judging a person by their voice thing”.

    Luckily I have until the end of July to get my order in as I just spent 2+ grand fixing my car, took me forever to save that much money – fucking car! – so I’ll need a few weeks to save up enough to get this thing (I’m *seriously* thinking of $110.00 level [gotta add that shipping[]).

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    Looking forward to your book. Its cover is awesome.

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    You have my pledge good sir! 🙂

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    Pledge is as good as made Jake, make us proud by making a kick ass book that even fundies will be confuse and want to read. 🙂

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    Ben Silverstein

    Congratulations on making your goal so quickly. I was glad to help. I hope you make far more than you had hoped. Now get to work. 🙂

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