Joe the Plumber thinks that science changing is a bad thing

First off, never trust a man who gives you a false name. His name is not Joe, he has never been a plumber, and because he said things stupid conservative people like, he’s been allowed to keep this ludicrous moniker. Like any quasi-celebrity looking for attention, he believes his limited understanding of everything gives him a shot at winning an election. What’s his platform? That the Bible is good because it’s never been changed, or that science is bad because it does!

Get this man in Congress now, he’ll fit right in.

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    I evolved from an ape, whats your excuse?

    Bring your science book. Wow, just fucking wow.

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    People are free to believe what they want, but when you willingly admit that you believe because you fell for a stupid example like this, you are an idiot. The saddest part is, some people will watch that and think, “Yeah, I’m voting for that guy.”

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    Maybe if Good Ol’ Boy Joe had looked closer at the Bible, he would have noticed on the cover one of the following: NIV, KJV, NKJV, NRS, RSV, GNT, etc… There’s hundreds of different versions (or *ahem* revisions) that take into account new “interpretations” so the book better aligns with the societal values and vernacular of the time. And that’s not even getting into the fact that Catholics and Protestants have different books in their Bibles, or translation differences between the ancient languages (ie; Latin or Ancient Greek) and modern ones.

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    I’m looking at a copy of Homer’s The Iliad and you know what.. it doesn’t say “revision # __” on the cover either. It must be the word of god then.

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