These talking points are so easy, even a 14 year old moron can say them!

The key to spreading a message is to keep it simple, stupid. The reason is simple: most minds are only interested in confirming their pre-existing belief, and if your message requires a lot of introspection or even thinking, it’s just not going to make it big. This might be one of the reasons why actually educating someone’s position is infinitely more difficult. Brains dislike the hard work of coming to conclusions on their own. They usually like someone else doing it for them.

One group that seems to have mastered the “keep it simple” unsurprisingly comes from a land of Biblically educated cretins. They effortlessly give their hoards of unthinking masses plenty of talking points that sound, at least to them, somewhat compelling. Take Caiden Cowger, a 14 year old kid who hosts his own podcast. He recently published a show claiming homosexuality was a choice (and a sinful one at that) and President Obama and Biden were “making kids gay”. It doesn’t take very long to realize this kid doesn’t really have any opinions of his own: he’s just repeating the hateful bullshit he’s been hearing all his life. But because he lives in a world where no one bothers to scrutinize what you say, he’s free to continue to spread the hateful message of the religious right. It’s easy: all you have to do is repeat verbatim all the dumb shit you hear from your local preacher, or perhaps your conservative radio host.

Caiden doesn’t need to learn about biology, or psychology to have an opinion on homosexuality. He’s free to simply take whatever hateful message he hears coming out of other “conservatives” and rebroadcast it so the rest of the world can lament the waste of another human being lost in their own bigoted world view.

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    Lori F - MN

    Ah, the youthful mind, so easily corrupt. Such a shame.

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    Certainly a decent shred of evidence to show that raising your kid with religious “values” can be a form of child abuse.

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    Real Men Prey

    Yeah, this kid is just spouting what his parents tell him. I grew up Catholic, with heavy anti-homosexual leanings; and magically, when I hit 17, I went atheist, and those leanings swung to the opposite side.

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    This kid says that gays are being indoctrinated. For 1, they’re not for 2, he was indoctrinated in to christianity as a small a kid, and is being fed bullshit to say from his parents.

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    caiden cowgirl

    he has such a punchable face

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    I could barely watch that. I had to force myself to sit through it in case he said anything worth commenting on. He didn’t.

    I presume he’s straight (I feel really sorry for him if, in fact, he turns out to be gay and repressed). Assuming he is straight, though, why doesn’t he just think about what he’s saying for a second? He thinks, knowing what it’s like to be attracted to women, that boys will just decide to ignore that and turn gay, because someone famous said it’s OK?

    If you’ll believe that, I’ve got another story for ya about the earth being made in six days 6,000 years ago…


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    This silly little boy is all of fourteen. Does anyone take any notice of fourteen year olds? He probably can’t count to 14.

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