TGA Podcast: Episode 169

TGA Podcast: Episode 169

This week, part two of my “Atheist Appreciation Month” continues as I interview Peter Boghossian, a professor of Philosophy at Portland University, about the need to redefine “Faith”. For those of you looking for links to his videos, or to find out more about him, simply click here, here, and here.

Also, for those of you paying attention, here are the 5 points mentioned on the show:

1. Faith claims are knowledge claims
2. Don’t use the word yourself
3. Challenge people on their use of the word faith
4. Distribute Peter’s video around [3]
5. You have to model the behavior you want to see.

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    Real Men Prey

    Whoa, this was AMAZING; even better than your Bible Stories. Very interesting dialogue; it really shows how diverse the atheist community is.

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    Very good interview, probably your best.

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    Truly excellent work! More of an really interesting discussion, with good input from both of you, than just an interview.

    I know there is often a bias to the most recent (most remembered) things, but this was the best pod-cast you’ve done (that I remember). Not to say that a mix of content isn’t the best overall (serious/funny and interviews/rants etc.)

    I had nearly deleted TGA from iTunes after several pod-casts had just annoyed me with what seamed like more whining than content, but carry on like this and I’d go back to being a paying member.

    10/10, 5*, thumbs up

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    John M

    GA, PB is bound to get up believer’s noses with that definition. There has to be a more accurate dictionary based distinction which the believer and unbeliever agree on without aggravation. I strongly agree the basic project of making a categorical distinction between inductively based general knowledge, the business use of financial transaction and contractual good faith, and religious faith. One characteristic is that religious faith only gets validated (or not) when you die, so there’s a start.

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    I saw his presentation about the Easter bunny a while back… I’m thrilled that he was on the show. When I first read Richard Dawkins’s God Delusion, I went to his youtube channel and watched his lecture about evolution and science. In his lecture he talks about having faith in gravity and faith that a pendulum released near one’s face with not hit one in the face once it comes back. I found it interesting that he wants to change faith to confidence or trust. It makes gravity sound more badass: I trust my feet will be planted on the ground tomorrow.

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    Great interview. I love that you stuck to your pragmatic guns, Jake. While redefining faith is a noble idea, I feel it is a little too esoteric and academic to be effective with believers. I also share your doubts as to whether language can be affected in this way. Great episode, loved the discussion.

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    I LOVED this interview. Wow. Just so raw and so intense. True honesty from a super smart guy who is down to earth. Just wonderful. Thank you.

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    Patrick Biggie Burks

    Wow, interesting!

    Apparently, this former Professor of Larger & More Colorful Controversies has suddenly relaxed his more rigid and prior knowledge claim/schema that: “all fb-belief processes = delusions/cognitive sickness?”

    Now, Boghossian admits to not knowing how to test his prior dictum du jour.

    Guess Pete has finally realized that absent a shred of validated, peer-reviewed, empirical scientific evidence for his hypothetical construct he was only really, “Pretending to know things that he didn’t know.”

    Welcome back to the sunny land of science!

    Bravo, Pete!

    PS: Like taking candy from a baby!

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    Really loved this! This, along with the Cigarette Smoking Man and the Jehova Witness Guy is the holy trinity of your interviews!

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    Scott Jensen

    You were brutal, and that is great, it made for some realistic dialog. You say you are not a good debater, fine, don’t debate, just do interviews like these.

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    Wonderful interview. Super important given what’s going on in our country and the world today. Can you please have him on again?

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