Louisiana moving one step closer to educational black hole

In an effort to completely erode any social progress made in the past 100 years, Louisiana, eager to outdo North Carolina and Texas in the crazy department, has decided to undermine public schools by attempting to make education entirely privatized. This serves two roles: it ensures that all education is to eventually be a for-profit industry (your health care should be a good indicator of how successful that strategy is), and it will allow religiously oriented schools the funding they so desperately need to teach children utter nonsense:

Far more openings are available at smaller, less prestigious religious schools, including some that are just a few years old and others that have struggled to attract tuition-paying students.

And what kind of subjects are students going to be “learning” at these private, religious institutions? Why, the basics of bullshit, of course!

Other schools approved for state-funded vouchers use social studies texts warning that liberals threaten global prosperity; Bible-based math books that don’t cover modern concepts such as set theory; and biology texts built around refuting evolution.

Bible-based math books? Are these the same geniuses who thought Pi was 3? Yeah, sounds like a perfect teacher’s tool, with all the answers in the back (hint: it’s something relating to our total annihilation). As for textbooks that “refute” evolution, I’m sure these will include the vigorous scientific research of the past hundred years…condensed into a 2 page spread about how Godless science thinks it has all the answers.

There are some who are arguing that the failing test scores of students in public schools would greatly increase, but the problem with this program is that while private schools may be required to make students take mandatory state tests, but there’s no punishment for schools which do poorly. They only have to make some bogus “accountability” program, something I doubt schools with a program specifically designed to undermine science would give a rat’s ass about.

What else do you expect from America? If something is failing, it’s automatically assumed that a financial incentive will fix it. If that were true, the country would benefit from the best health care in the world, and the most stable economy. Unfortunately, it’s precisely the opposite, but it seems you can’t convince these morons to stop doubling-down on their failing strategy.

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    I’ve heard of many things having a liberal bias, but math… I’m unfamiliar with ‘set theory’ though, so maybe it’s implications are something the christian-right doesn’t like.

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    This is horrific. I teach in a private institution and the profit motive only does terrible things for education. Money is an excellent driver of many things, but teaching and learning are not among them.

    The vouchers can open the door to funding for all kinds of crazy curricula, including my pet project, Accelerated Christian Education. In 2003, Frances Paterson did a study of the kind of curricula that could qualify for just this kind of voucher system, and found that they mix opinions, propaganda, moralisation, and facts without making any distinction between those categories. Here’s a summary of her findings:

    @Richard. Maths is seen by fundies as proof of God’s orderly universe. Any type of maths which suggests the discipline might not be absolute (such as New Math and the concept of bases other than 10) is offensive to them.

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