Orthodox Jews fear unlimited access to knowledge

Imagine holding a rally in a stadium to debate the invention of the printing press. You may as well do so now if you’re an Ultra-Orthodox Jew, because apparently, holding one to ‘discuss’ their official stance on whether or not they should allow themselves to connect with anyone not sharing their limited worldview is growing.

Give them credit for understanding the fact having access to unlimited information, coupled with the ability to communicate with other human beings at the speed of light is dangerous to any insular faith, or faith in general.

Like any archaic religion suffering from a strong hatred of the vagina and a distrust of any opinion that isn’t male, the event, held at Citi-Field, was for the boys only. So many morons showed up, they had to rent a nearby second stadium with a 20k person capacity just to accommodate them.

The conference questioning the Internet was sponsored by an Online company that was sure to hand out fliers for its products. Most were there on the order of their Rabbi, since their community is so isolated, almost everyone there was a perfect stranger.

No strangers to cognitive dissonance, they broadcast the very thing they condemned via electromagnetic waves, hoping in vain it wouldn’t get rebroadcast. Like anything on the Internet, someone hacked the gibson and let everyone see what was going on behind the curtain, much to the delight/disgust of the curious, wishing to understand whether this is a tragedy or a comedic farce.

Indeed it has to be either, since no one there could actually agree on anything other than the fact the Internet is a scary place. Modernity has a way of catching up to you, and Orthodox Jews know well the temptations of modern Hellizination. They fear it but are secretly drawn to it, making it a lot more perverse than it need be. But that’s religion for you, twisting things and demonstrating a childlike understanding of what is the most potent invention of the Information Age.

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    Orthodox Jews are a VERY small minority in this world, you stupid bitch.

    Fuck your jew hating shit.

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    Goldstein you aren’t very bright, are you? The size of the moron population is irrelevant..

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