Waiting for Armageddon

There are days when I want to slap ignorant idiots in the mouth for believing in such dangerous nonsense. How otherwise smart people can believe in this kind of disaster porn is beyond me. It makes it seem as though the task of educating them to accept reality is a wasted effort. With that in mind, enjoy the following documentary entitled “Waiting for Armageddon”, which chronicles the deadly beliefs of evangelicals who wait patiently for their Messiah to bathe the whole world in blood.

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    For some reason, this post reminds me of a past work experience. I worked for a year in a hard labor factory-type job at one point. Also employed there was perhaps the single biggest slacker I’ve ever come across in any job I’ve ever had before or since. In short, nobody liked this guy, he constantly did things wrong or poorly, and flat out didn’t care. Why he remained employed I’ll never know, but I remember one day on lunch one of the guys asked him why he was such a slacker. This person responded by saying he was basically biding his time while alive, and that he was awaiting his true reward, which would come after death.

    Maybe he was just BS’ing us, but he wasn’t exactly “fast on his feet” upstairs, and he deadpanned that whole statement, so I gotta think he meant it. But it goes to show you what some of these eschatological sadists act like.

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    Just watched it. There is so much human failure in that, that it’s hardly worth trying to calculate.

    Every single one of those people is a selfish prick living for themselves, hoping they get to see their personal end of days blood fetish. They don’t talk or appear that way, but that’s the sum total of the way they operate. Throughout the movie there are these biting hypocrisies that reveal the Christian armageddon crowd for what they are:

    The incessant refrain of “so many of the prophecies have come true” without any dare to pay mind to counter evidence or explanation.
    “…I hope the Rapture comes before things get real bad…”, so he can see it happen.
    The presenter at the Prophecy Conference that said: “…people stopped reading the Bible in a rational way…”, meaning his way.
    “Islam wants to conquer the world…convert or die…it’s their duty to hate us” when that’s basically the essence of their armageddon fantasy.

    The whole time I kept thinking: Imagine how much better the world would be if there weren’t so many people wasting their lives on this bullshit. Think of all the resources used to prop this crap industry up. All the computer cycles, the paper, the energy, the gas…all so people can mentally masturbate about their morbid fascination with death and the razor’s edge on which it hinges, because of writings in some old book that someone hammered into their psyche.

    If this isn’t an election year impetus to get out the vote and nullify these people at the ballot box, I don’t know what is.

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    Neil Marron

    It’s a tough watch but I’m glad I made it to the end. I love how these educated white middle class families are so deluded. The mother of the kids is definitely into scaring her kids, probably on some level she is jealous of their youth. There are so many things at work here that have fuck all to do with religion. Only these nut jobs can’t see it.
    I love how the head preacher dick was dying to incite hatred in the Muslim sector. I don’t believe that the guy who was an engineer came from an atheistic background – that’s all talk for the camera’s.
    I agree with the above poster on how this should be an impetus for all sane Americans.

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