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After a month spent vagabonding across Canada (I’m currently in Prince-Albert Saskatchewan), I’m happy to announce this week TGA is back to our regular scheduled podcast. It was a hell of a stressful time, but having secured a modest apartment in Calgary with my beloved Carisa, we’re now ready to kick-start this bitch into full gear. With that in mind, I thought it might be a good time to get some of you to submit your questions for a partial mailbag episode! So, if you’ve been impatiently waiting for our return, this might also be a good opportunity to have any burning question answered! Just submit them via the site, Twitter or facebook, and I’ll answer them during tomorrow’s recording.

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    Hehehe. Prince Albert.

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    What views do you guys have on Canada being a monarchy, Jacob is probably a raging anti monarchist, but what do you think about this institution, and how weird of a concept that a fully independent country has a british person has head of state… I know the historical reasons but my main problem is that she will never have Canadian interest in mind her foremost agenda is British interest .. Why do we keep pretending that she is Canadian?

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    @Jeffrey ha, I thought the same thing as i read it.

    @Jake As a fan of the show and the site, I would like to say that Penn Jilllette and his old radio show first helped me realize I was an atheist. But, it is your show and the work you have done that has given me the confidence to come out to my mom and friends, and fairly well received (mom worries about me and my soul but that is just her being a good mom 🙂 )

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    While I enjoy, tremendously, Jacob’s rants and no-nonsense language, sometimes I feel that too much “in your face” activism is counter-productive. This is especially true when arguing with someone who is above just plain name-calling and hateful.

    I’m interested to know, do you think it is a good approach to confront intellectually formidable opponents solely with sarcasm and “poisoned well” techniques? These people might not be the loudest ones, and definitely not the fundies. These are the ones who make up a large, yet silent part of the electorate. I know of people who emigrated from my country to US and voted republican, not because they share their religious views, but because their candidates had more overlapping agenda with them than the democrats.

    Therefore, by being overtly offensive to those who do not share your stance and values, but are open to non-offensive conversation, don’t you think that alienates them? Sarcasm is only fun when the other person doesn’t understand it…

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    What do you think of AdB (Alain de Botton) and his… ideas… on what the atheist movement should be doing?

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    How the hell did the “Save TGA” campaign turn out, anyway? Did we win?

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    My question is: Who is the next Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, Carl Sagan, etc…. It seems the atheist scene (except this site) is full of a lot of older people. Reddit has a huge /r/atheism following, but it more of a hey-let’s-make-funny-atheist-shit-out-of-this-photo scene. Back in 2006, when my everyone around me was coming out as atheist, I was pretty stoked. My “de-conversion” was taken lightly. I struggled over whether there is a fucking tea pot orbiting around Jupiter or not. I finally decided there wasn’t and if there was, I didn’t want to live it with for all eternity. My atheism cherry was broken when I read Dawkins, Hitchens, Harris, and the like…. Most people don’t know who they are. Am I lost here or is it because I’m from the south? I wish I could talk to people about shit I’ve read, but no one gives a shit because they just agree that shit is fucked up. It’s frustrating trying to have an intelligent conversation sometimes.

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    Can we expect more shows with Jeff, or was that a one-time thing?

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    do u think two people who believe in atheism should get married in a church?

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