Susan Jacoby vs Dinesh D’Souza debate

Got a bunch of spare time to listen to a debate? Odds are if you’re trolling TGA, you have plenty of free time on your hands. You may appreciate this debate “Is Christianity Good for America?” While you probably already know the answer to this question, it’s always important to know what “the enemy” (I say this in the least vitriolic of terms) is thinking. On our side: Susan Jacoby, who I interviewed a few years ago. Be sure to watch this!

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    I gotta say, even though I don’t agree with him, D’Souza is a good debater.

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    Jason Crichton

    I gotta say, I love your profile image Jeffrey! I couldn’t bring myself to watch 2 hours of that.

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    To Jeffrey’s point about DD, I forget who it was (he has taken William Lane Craig’s courses, claims WLC refuses to debate him, perhaps Bart Ehrman? I couldn’t find the answer quickly) but he talked about debating theist foils as an atheist, and had experience seeing WLC’s debate style many times in person. In his estimation, he said DD is quote “a bullshitter”; he’ll say anything and defend it to the hilt. I don’t know if DD is doing that here; I haven’t seen the whole thing yet. But having seen many of these debates, several of which DD has participated in, I wouldn’t be surprised if he did. In the past I’ve always seen DD insist on hammering dumb points like “atheists don’t want to be accountable to anything”, “communists are atheists and thus atheism is bankrupt”, “atheism has no capacity for the numinous and art”, and “how can a movement about nothing have anything to offer?”.

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    Carl Flynn

    I agree with Jeffrey, I think that he was even able to go toe-to-toe with Christopher Hitchens, during their debates.

    It would be very interesting to have a show that deconstructs D’Souza’s arguments, and looks at them rationally. Dinesh’s strength comes from the fact that he “spikes the ball,” at the beginning of every debate, and claims “I will not take a stance that uses religious dogma, but rather take a stance from the point of rationality alone.” He then butterflies around, making broad assertions like “why can all other aspects of life be included in the public domain, but religion (aka Christianity) cannot?” The opponent then becomes bogged down in refuting individual points, but doesn’t have time to touch on the whole idea. All D’Souza has to do, then, is claim “my opponent hasn’t even addressed the true issue, so I am winning on the claim that _______.”

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    I haven’t watched this debate yet but I have watched several of Dinesh’s debates,I already know all his jokes,his arguments and points of view.I fucking hate the man.His fucking voice,how he holds his fucking glasses,the noise that his tongue makes when it hits the inside of his fucking dry mouth,his oversized suit and his bloody defense of fucking cristianity.Now,Just imagine spending eternity in heaven and having Dinesh as your next door neighbour…That would be Hell…

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    Andrew Ryan

    BlueIndependent, you’re thinking of John Loftus.

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    Carl Flynn, your wish has come true. Jeremy Beehan of the Reasonable Doubts podcast did a special with Ed Brayton of Culture Wars Radio wherein they deconstructed D’souza’s arguments. It will be no surprise to anyone who has had the displeasure of hearing D’souza debate that in this debate his facts are wrong and in some cases contradictory and he employs multiple logical fallacies. As Beehan points out, D’souza is the king of setting up a straw man and demolishing it into oblivion. Just look up Reasonable Doubts on iTunes and this is their most recent podcast (it’s right after episode 102).

    I’ve listened to any D’souza debate I can get my hands on and he is nothing more than a joke. Someone said above he went toe to toe with Hitchens. Hitchens demolished D’souza. It was like a trained dancing monkey going toe to toe with a lion. D’souza uses silly voices to mock his opponents, yells a lot, and makes repeated use of ridiculing terms like “sheer nonsense” to characterize the straw men he sets up. It’s just sad he uses his brilliant mind in such a dishonest way.

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