Shit Steve Harvey says

Here’s a great compilation of all the ignorant shit that’s come out of this man’s mouth. Total lack of understanding about atheism? Check. Complete misunderstanding of evolutionary theory? Check. Misogynistic attitude about gender roles? Check. Honestly, if I was a woman I would lose my shit over the advice he’s giving out. Ladies, can you shame this man back into the cave he crawled from?

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    I got as far as ‘why are there still monkeys’ and had to turn this off. This guy’s a fucking moron.

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    Tom Cameron

    Yeah, so this just proves that there are ignorant asshats that have money as well as poor ones. I mean, the man’s a comedian on the far end of the down-slope of his career. Nobody cares what his opinions regarding the world are. It’s like listening to the shit your grandfather says.

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