Homeless for 2 more weeks

Hey gang,

Some of you may be wondering what’s been going on with the site, and in particular, the show. As some of you may know, I’ve moved to Calgary, but like any big move, you often find yourself couch surfing while you try and secure a place to live. Calgary is an expensive town, and finding something on our meager budget wasn’t easy. I’m happy to announce, however, Carisa and I have found a place to live. We move in, unfortunately, in only 2 weeks. So while I’ve been trying to do shows, the truth is the stress and uncertainty of our transition makes doing shows almost impossible. I’ve been trying to produce as much content as possible, but unreliable Internet has made this difficult.

Luckily, in 2 weeks we’ll be getting back on track and in a big way: regular show schedule, posting will be amped up, and production of the book will be the new top priority. I apologize to those of you disappointed by the lack of shows. Please understand this stressful situation will soon pass, and the shows will be better than ever now that I have a home again after almost a year and a half of hopping around all over the place. I look forward to getting back on track!

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    Jason Crichton

    Take your time dude, moving is stressful as hell. Unfortunately I am of no help in Calgary.

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    Glad you two found a place. Best wishes in settling, both from the compassionate human being in me, and the greedy, impatient asshole who wants his damned shows.

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    Welcome to Calgary! Hope to see you around the skeptic pub nights … Maybe check out the local skeptic blog my friend Jim and I admin (meddlingkids.org) Actually, Jim does the talking and I’m the quiet guy in the corner 🙂

    take care!

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    Carl Flynn

    I concur with Jason’s comment, but edit it in the following way:

    “Take your time dude, moving is stressful as a-fake-place-that-doesn’t-exist.”


    Seriously though, glad to see that you’re planting new roots!

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    I wish you guys the best on your big move. Hell don’t worry about us you need to take care of yourselves first.

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    Richard Kurgas

    I totally understand. If I were a Christian, I’d describe my own move that’s underway as, “The Move from Hell”! The apartment I was in sustained water damage, then I hurt my back badly while trying to move small stuff over to the new apartment. Finally, the movers come in and it turns into a 3-day move, with the costs going up and up and up.
    I realize part of this is my fault, since I didn’t get rid of a lot of junk I accumulated over the years, but I feel like everyone is out to milk me for every cent they can get.
    I’m happy you guys found a place in Calgary, and I hope your move goes way easier than mine. I have no clue what cities in Canada are cheap or expensive to live in, but I’d presume the ones close to major waterways or the US border are probably pricier.

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